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Home Gossip Is Sara Ramirez lesbian? who is her husband? Know about her loving husband

Is Sara Ramirez lesbian? who is her husband? Know about her loving husband

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sun Feb, 2017
Is Sara Ramirez lesbian? who is her husband? Know about her loving husband

A woman with glistening charm and magnetic aura Sara Ramirez is an influential face in the world of acting. The news which has been making headlines for weeks has considerably gained wide attention and curiosity is despite having a loving husband and a child she outbursts about her sexuality.


Is it true that she really got married? Or Is she actually gay? Along with these, there are many other questions regarding her personal life that have engrossed the mind of her fans. Don't worry, we are here to give all the answers to your questions. Just stay with us.

Sara Ramirez confess that she's Bisexual

It is always weird for people to be stuck on a question about any one's sexuality rather than for the job she does. So far Sara Ramirez has been seen with both male and female friends completely fitting into their company.

Moreover, This Grey's Anatomy star had also portrayed the character of Callie Torres as a bisexual doctor in the screen had hitched with her gay girlfriend, Jessica CapshawWhat does this mean?


Sara with Jessica in a screen

Sara with Jessica on a screen

Source: Pinterest

For many years, this was the only mystery regarding her being an asexual or not until she revealed herself to be bisexual.

During an event of the True Colors Fund’s 40 to None Summit organized at Los Angeles in 2016 October, Sara Ramirez revealed herself to be bisexual. While giving the speech, Sara had openly confessed about the intersections existing in her life.

Video: Sara Ramirez reveals She's bisexual


Thus it is clear that despite having a loving husband and a child, Ramirez is actually a lesbian. Now you must be very curious to know about Sara Ramirez regarding her personal life. Here're the details about her personal life including her marriage, loving husband, and child.

Married to Ryan DeBolt after nearly one year of their engagement

From some sources, the couple is said to have their first meeting a party. Ryan De Bolt is an American business analyzer at TIMEC. He is a very talented and gifted person when it comes to his profession. 

After sometimes, Ryan made a romantic proposal in the city of love- Paris which subsequently accepted by Sara. Thus, their affair began and after dating each other for several years, finally Ryan put her the engagement ring on 17th June of 2011.

Ryan putting Sara an engagement ring

Ryan putting Sara an engagement ring

Source: Skyrock

Then, the wedding took place after a yearlong engagement on 4th July of 2012 in a private beachside ceremony in New York among their nearest and dearest friends and family as guests.

Moreover, after two years of their marriage, Sara lost her first child of miscarriage but after about two years of that incident, Sara gave birth to their another child. The pair of husband and wife felt an unconditional happiness on being parents for the first time.

Sara with his loving husband

Sara with his loving husband

Source: Dailymail

The couple is leading there both professional and personal life and living a happy married life together. Their fans want to see both of them succeed in whatever they do and we are no exception. We wish them all the very best for their future.