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Home Gossip Is Robin Cousins married and a family man?

Is Robin Cousins married and a family man?

Richa Wed Mar, 2016
Is Robin Cousins married and a family man?

Robin Cousins is famous as a figure skater and hails from Britain. He is often asked whether he is married or not and the interesting fact is there is no concrete fact behind this. Because in his college days neither he got spotted with any of his affair nor his divorce stories is been flashed yet. Robin after left his schooling in the age of 16 by then started focusing in skating and till today his name and fame has been increased from the industry. However, he was planning to become a business person during his childhood.

Robin is claimed to be a family man because he is taking good care of his mother. Even he cooks for his mother in his free schedule. Robin’s pictures can also be seen in Internet where he can be found spending time with his family in his weekend. But there cannot be seen the pictures with his partner. Still he is said to be a married man who is taking good care of his family. The reason behind his low- profile is not pretty sure with any reasoning still the media often questions about his family and personal life. Robin is not gay but there are rumors of it with which he gets amazed with.

Robin is a good traveller and he has perfectly managed his family life along with his personal career. He is also planning to establish his own Skating Company very soon and his family is supporting for him to this. Robin has also not been into any controversy and he dictates it is because of his low profile maintenance. Mostly, Robin can be viewed in Instagram with his high fan following and his tweets over there are pretty interesting. Now, he has started using Instagram to make connection with his fans and his latest pictures can also be seen over there.