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Home Gossip Is Nolan Gould single or gay?

Is Nolan Gould single or gay?

Richa Fri Apr, 2016
Is Nolan Gould single or gay?

19 years Nolan Gould is not a gay at all. Nolan fame progressively increased after he worked in Modern Family. The teenager, who plays the character of Luke Dunphy, is surprised to be thought of as a gay.

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Noland Gould: Gay or Not?

Nolan thinks it’s too early to be dating and having a girlfriend because for now, he wants to focus his time on his career and earning good money to increase his net worth. As Nolan is involved in several projects, it has encouraged him to be more professional in his career. Nolan also aims to establish his own acting studio very soon.

American actor Nolan Gould

American actor Nolan Gould

Source: Getty Images

Nolan Gould thinks it’s too early to get married but he is searching for a good partner who he can call his girlfriend and spend qualitative time while dating. But he is surprised why people call anyone who does not have a girlfriend a gay.

Nolan thinks being single is the most luxurious time which he ever can spend and he is enjoying his time without any commitments and boundaries. He is also focusing on his career. Nolan is a great traveler and although he is a  foodie by nature, he tends to balance on his food diet to look good.

Nolan Gould work out at the gym

Nolan Gould Work Out At The Gym

source: Daily Mail

Nolan has never faced any controversies yet but doubting his sexuality amazes him time and again. He is a party lover who enjoys time partying with his close people.

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Nolan has a good voice, therefore, his friends are suggesting him to search his career in the field of music but by now he is focusing his importance on acting rather than to other. Nolan is planning to get married only in 30, therefore, it is still many years before we can see him get married.