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Home Gossip is Nicole Curtis married? Her husband, children and her salary

is Nicole Curtis married? Her husband, children and her salary

Asmita Poudel Wed Oct, 2015
is Nicole Curtis married? Her husband, children and her salary

Nicole Curtis who is a journalist by profession gained a lot of popularity from show "Rehab Addict".She is independent women who are 38 years old. She has an amazing personality. The way she conducts the program is really impressive. Her command over the language deserves a huge kudos. Curtis has a huge salary. Thus, she is one of the most influential personalities and America's most desirable woman and her net worth is $ 1 million.

Talking about her personal life she got pregnant during her graduate studies. After the graduation, she got married to the love of her life but later she got divorced. Her ex-husband makes a low profile in the media. She too doesn’t talk about her ex-husband. Nicole has a 16 years old son named Ethan. Ethan too is very outspoken like his mom. Recently she revealed that she is pregnant with her second child and she is happy to welcome it soon. But the information like with whom she got pregnant is unknown like her previous relationship. The way Nicole Curtis conducted her personal and professional life really commendable.

Nicole has allured many men. She is single right now and is looking for a perfect match as a life partner. Her toned body, her flawless skin is really adorable. She is really very stylish. Nicole is considering as a youth icon in the United States. Furthermore, the immense success of her show "Rehab Addict" has played a significant role in uplifting her personality and lifestyle. She too hard a very hard time during her struggling phase. Even after having separated from her husband, she was never in despondent. Thus, Nicole is the inspiration to all the ladies. Nicole is a feminist.

Furthermore, Nicole is very active on the social networking sites like facebook, twitter. She does have millions of fan following on these social networking sites. Her Instagram pictures are really lovely. Her son Ethan is really very cute and resembles like Nicole. Ethan wants to be a journalist like his mom. Nicole's hobbies are fishing, cooking, traveling and so on. Even after being a single parent of her son, Nicole has taken a good care of Ethan. She too assists Ethan in his studies. The entire single parent out there in the world can draw a lesson from Nicole life and take her as a source of inspiration. Nicole often in an interview discloses her success secrets which are perseverance, hard work, intelligence, and a huge love for the work we do.