Is Miss California 2015 Natasha Martinez in a Relationship? Her Passion and Affairs

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Love is an unconditional feeling that we all endure with us knowing the feeling or without knowing. This is the very "karma" of every being, We mean it is obvious, isn't it? You having a gorgeous girl or a handsome fellow to fall in love with, will you back out? Of course, no one will.

But there is the kind who outstands the crowd chasing the pleasure of materialistic love. And one on the list today we have an American national Natasha Alexis Martinez. Natasha Martinez has own way of expressing love and the emotions that come along with love. It is a sort of impossible practice to portray the feelings of love in the canvas of life, but Martinez with chasing different definition for love portrays the pleasure of love in and along with the joy of life.

 Let's find out how Martinez shows her love to the world. Be with us.

What is Love to Natasha Alexis Martinez?

Natasha Martinez, 25 born and raised in Chino Hills, California, USA is an American TV personality and is well known as "Miss California USA 2015." Martinez is also a contestant for Miss USA 2015.

After achieving such success that everyone desires to have, Natasha Martinez believes in walking a path that showers a great purpose in life besides the pleasure of boyfriend love. 


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As Natasha Martinez's father is an American and mother a Mexican, she comes from a mixed Latino background and speaks both English and Spanish.

Martinez's mixed background of two cultures initially reflects Martinez's affection for culture and its practices. Talking about Martinez's love for culture, during an interview for Miss USA,

Martinez said;

I love having a mixed cultured background because I get to partake in amazing traditions but more importantly, amazing food.

Natasha Martinez with her passion for dance has recently taken up salsa dancing to "get more in touch with her Latina side." All in all, it reflects how much she loves to admire the culture and the ancestral background.

Martinez in her interview for Miss USA 2015.

Along with Natasha Martinez's affection for culture, Martinez has a kind heart with love for all humans and animals and their rights, and it is a cause Martinez stands for.

A kind being Natasha Martinez

Gorgeous Natasha Martinez

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When the beauty pageant co-owner Donald Trump made controversial comments about Mexica, Martinez stood for the good cause against Donald Trump stating to the Associated Press that;

It was hard to hear. I think it's important to understand that immigrants come here looking for a better life, and they do make these hard sacrifies like leaving their kids and theri countries for long periods of time in hops that they will be reunited and that they will be able to have a better life here in America.

To bring about a change Natasha Martinez works with her mother who is an eight-year breast cancer survivor to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. Martinez loves to work for the cause of humanity.

Beauty with Brain; Natasha Martinez

Beauty with Brain Natasha Martinez

Beauty with Brain; Natasha Martinez

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The winner of Miss California USA 2015 Natasha Martinez is also one of the front-runners at the 2015 Miss USA pageant.

Martinez has gained fame in acting with American Latino TV (2004) and Teens Wanna Know (2012), and not to forget Martinez is also a former Laker Girl and Disneyland Princess.

Natasha Martinez is a Latina TV host for KDOC-TV in Southern California, but her adventures in the industry have favored her to work at Entertainment Tonight, The Emmy's, Grammy's and Oscar's.

Martinez has accomplished what we call "success" at a young age and indeed is an example of "Beauty with Brain."

This beautiful former Miss California USA 2015 Natasha Martinez all and all seems to be single. If sooner or later anything goes on regarding her love life we will inform you.