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Home Gossip Is millionaire Kimberly Guilfoyle dating anyone?

Is millionaire Kimberly Guilfoyle dating anyone?

Monika Mon Apr, 2016
Is millionaire Kimberly Guilfoyle dating anyone?

The pretty beauty, Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle, is a cable news personality and the co-host of The Five on the Fox News Channel. She recently went through a divorce from her second husband in 2009. Has she been dating anyone since then or is she actually single now?

The 47-year-old has managed to attract and garner the interest of a huge number of fans around the world owing to the skills that she portrays on screen. She is a beautiful personality who has managed to accumulate a net worth of a whopping 5 million dollars and a huge salary for her endeavors as a journalist. She has been the contributor of 'The O’Reily Factor, Hannity', and has also anchored on 'Court TV'. She is a classy character with exceptionally good looks.The ex-anchor, who is the graduate of the University of California, is talked and discussed frequently in the news tabloids too. The question that has sprung up in the mind of her fans now is, Is she dating anyone after her divorce?

Kimberly married Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco in 2003. They got separated two years later in January 2005 citing the strains of undergoing a bi-coastal marriage as the reason for doing so. Their divorce which was finalized on the 28th of February, 2006, was talked about widely in the news tabloids around the world.

She married next to furniture heir, Eric Villency. They got married in Barbados on the 27th of May, 2006 but this relationship too did not last long. They were divorced by 2009 after being separated for a short duration earlier. They have a son named Ronan Anthony together. Since the divorce from her second husband, the charismatic celebrity has been known to be single. She might be hiding the details of her personal life from her fans, or she might actually be focusing on her career in the journalism sector.