Is Merle Dandridge secretly married? Does she have husband that she has kept out of media's reach?

Updated On 15 Aug, 2016 Published On

When we talk about perfection and beauty together, who comes to your mind first? For us, it’s the famous American actress Merle Dandridge. Her performance and charm has won the heart of millions of fans worldwide but who is the actual guy that has stolen her heart? This has always been a mystery but believe it or not, the 41-year-old actress is actually a married woman and not only that, she has also recently spoken about her husband ( more on that later ).

picture: Merle Dandridge




Merle has been a very secretive person. She has successfully managed to keep her personal and professional life out of the reach of media. Thus, there is not any information about her past love affairs. Looking at her beauty, we can certainly say that she must have had many boyfriends but none of them ever came into the limelight. 





All these years we believed that Merle is not married. But, the irony here is that recently in an interview she mentioned about her husband. When she was asked, what’s the first thing she does when she returns home? To our surprise, her answer was shocking. She said, “Kiss my husband and my dog, a little terrier mutt that I got at a shelter.” Wait, what?? “Kiss my husband”. Looks like Merle Dandridge has secretly married someone without letting the media know. The disturbing thing here is that she has not even mentioned that lucky guy’s name. Maybe she wants to keep him out of the reach of media.

It made us happy to know that she is living a peaceful life with her mysterious husband but we are mad at her for hiding him because we want to know who the man who stole the heart of Merle is. We hope Merle solves this mystery really soon.