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Home Gossip Is Lucia Mascino still single or Married? Who is she dating Currently? Know about her Affairs

Is Lucia Mascino still single or Married? Who is she dating Currently? Know about her Affairs

Ashmita Karki Wed Aug, 2017
Is Lucia Mascino still single or Married? Who is she dating Currently? Know about her Affairs

The married life, affair, boyfriend, dating life of celebrities are something that people are very curious to know about. Their personal life is the ultimate thing after their career that comes to our mind whenever we think about one. In fact, the gossipers and paparazzi don't really miss any chance to scrabble a star's personal life. But still, sometimes, a few celebs become successful in keeping their love life intact from media.

Italian actress Lucia Mascino is one among such low-key gang whose personal life is quite mysterious. Although there's no doubt on the fact that she is a brilliant movie and theatre actress. A lot of her fans are curious to know whether she is married or single. Today, we will talk about Mascino's affairs and boyfriends if she has or had any:

Lucia Mascino work as an actress

Lucia Mascino is a Pontedera Theater Research and Experimentation Center graduate. Till date, she has appeared in numerous theatre shows, movies, TV series and radio shows. Some of her recent works in movies include 'The bear skin', 'Love that they do not know how to stay in the world', 'Babylon Sisters', and so on. 

Lucia Mascino

The gorgeous Lucia Mascino

Source: Sky Cinema

The actress' career has been amazing and she is considered as a very talented star of her time. There is no difficulty in knowing the details regarding Mascino's work life.

Lucia Mascino inactive in social media

Mascino has been very clever enough to not reveal slight detail about her personal life. In fact, she is not even active on social networking sites like Instagram and her Twitter post is also mostly related to her work.

Lucia Mascino

Lucia Mascino poses for the camera as she attends an event

Source: Zim bio

There is not a bit hint about her love and dating life.

Lucia Mascino past affairs and boyfriend

Considering Mascino's beauty, it is quite hard for us to believe that she never had a boyfriend. We bet that she has had a few love affair in the past, yet, she never let any of her former affairs hamper her present life.

Watch Lucia Mascino photo collection:

As we know how successful the Italian star is in terms of her profession, we believe that she doesn't want any media attention or limelight to shift from her work to her love-life. This might be the ultimate reason why Mascino has kept her dating and love life behind the curtains.

Lucia Mascino

Lucia Mascino

Source: Eclipse magazine online

Even though it is quite generous of Lucia Mascino to stay away from men at present, we believe that she will eventually meet the right guy to get married at the right time.