Is Louisa James still single or Married?Know about her Relationship and Dating History

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Louisa James an English journalist/newsreader's personal life has been under scrutiny since long, but she has managed to keep things low key. May be being a journalist herself she knows how to deal with the paparazzi.

Even till date, she hasn't disclosed about the father of her own two-year-old child. And people often speculate whether Louisa is a divorced woman? If yes, who was her husband?

Louisa born in 1979 in Switzerland is an English journalist and TV personality who started her career with the BBC in Leicester. And is currently employed at ITV Breakfast, on the Good Morning Britain and Lorraine Programmes.  

English journalist/TV personality Louis James started her career as a journalist with the BBC in Leicester

English journalist/TV personality Louisa James started her career as a journalist with the BBC in Leicester

Source: Instagram

Louisa debuted in ITV Breakfast program Daybreak as a full-time news correspondent in January 2012. And since April 2014, she has been a news correspondent for ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Louisa James with the crew members of Good Morning Britain Dave Cork (ITV cameraman) and Nigel Francis (Location Sound Recordist)

Louisa James with the crew members of Good Morning Britain Dave Cork (ITV cameraman) and Nigel Francis (Location Sound Recordist)

Source: Twitter

In her years' long career, she has covered up news on the most-talked personalities of the United States of America such as the former 45th and running President of U.S. Donald J. Trump, Duke of Cambridge Prince William and his lovely wife The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Catherine- Twitter.

Her professional life is in the sight of most of the people but what people seek is the personal life of Louisa which she has kept confined with her. So, let's try to decode the personal life of the Good Morning Britain's news correspondent.

Personal life of Louisa James; Her Relationships 

The TV star has been tight-lipped about her personal life all these years and has been successful in doing that. But, everything can't be hidden for a long time, can it be?

After checking her Instagram, we found something that caught our interest for a while! Want to know what she has posted?

On November 5, 2016, Louisa posted a picture of a bricked wall with words written on it, "I love you_not delivered". At first check out the picture here.

Source: Instagram

After looking at the picture we were up to the speculation that the TV star is some how trying to express something regarding her love life. What do you guys think about this?

And we often see celebrities getting linked with their co-stars just for the sake of promotional tactic, but in here the story isn't the same. Louisa hasn't been linked with any of her co-workers. So, is Louisa currently single?


Well, she must have someone special in her life who supports her to stand tall in her career. But unless the TV star opens up about this, we can't bring out some one from our imagination that will best suit her, can we?

But wait!!! We have something that can lead us to the answers of those unanswered questions we have in our mind till now.

We revealed that Louisa is a mother of a child, but we didn't reveal the child's father. So, who is he?

Louisa James Is a Mother of a Child; A daughter

Louisa gave birth to her first child in 2015, a girl. She shared the news of her pregnancy with her fans through her Instagram account.

Louisa gave birth to her first child, a daughter in 2015

Louisa gave birth to her first child, a daughter in 2015

Source: Instagram

On January 21, 2015, Louisa posted a picture showing her baby bumps. The picture was posted on her Twitter account with a caption, "On @GMB tomorrow, why raising a child is more expensive than ever. We hear from 3 generations".

Check out her tweet.

One of her fans, Kely Wood asked her, when you are due,

In response, Louisa cleared people's head and answered,

Louisa was soon going to be a mother in May 2015 and from that, we can assume that she was pregnant for more than 3 months at that time.

On March 16, 2015, Louisa again shared a picture of her holding a baby doll, on her Instagram account with the caption, "Been getting some tips from the experts @norlandcollege today. Apparently, the real thing might be a bit more noisy?! " 

Check out her post.

Looks like the TV star wants to be a good mother to her child and wants to give her child every bit of love and affection a child desires from his/her mother.

Now, who is the child's father? Unfortunately, Louisa hasn't revealed the child's father's name. May be she doesn't want her love life to make headlines. Some even questioned if she is a divorced mother. Well, before you get into the assumptions of Louisa's divorce, we have something for you.

While going through Lousia's Instagram we found a picture of her wearing a ring on the ring finger. Yes, you read it right, Louisa has her engagement ring on her finger.

Check out the post.

Married or engaged! Louisa James has a ring on that finger

Married or engaged! Louisa James has a ring on that finger 

Source: Instagram

After looking at the picture there's no doubt that Louisa is in a relationship. And despite the fact that she hasn't revealed about her love, we found out a picture of a man with her daughter on her Instagram which she posted on June 19, 2017, with a caption, "Happy Fathers Day".

Here is the post.



A post shared by Louisa James (@louisa_james) on

So, who do you think is the person in the above picture with her daughter? Obviously, he has to be the little girls' father as Louisa posted the picture on the Father's Day. What do you guys think about this?

As Louisa is a journalist, she knows the consequences of personal life being in the lime light. So, she is up to her best to keep her private life up to her as she even hasn't disclosed her daughter's name till the date. We hope someday she reveals about her love life and gives her fans a chance to cherish their favorite celeb's love life.

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