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Home Gossip Is Lesley Stahl Happy with Husband Aaron Latham? Details of her Married Life and Children

Is Lesley Stahl Happy with Husband Aaron Latham? Details of her Married Life and Children

Chandra Rana Mon Nov, 2017
Is Lesley Stahl Happy with Husband Aaron Latham? Details of her Married Life and Children

Lesley Stahl, the 75-year-old American TV journalist best known for her show CBS's 60 Minutes, is the lovely wife of Aaron Latham, an author. Lesley has spent most of her career in CBS working in various positions before becoming a   Lesley, married twice in her life, has famous host.

Stahl began her TV career at Boston's original Channel 5 as a producer and on-air reporter. In 1972, she moved to CBS News. She became a correspondent for the news channel in 1974. Lesley has one daughter, Taylor Latham, with Aaron. She is also the grandmother of 2 grandchildren.

Married Life of Lesley and Aaron

Lesley and Aaron, a long-time couple, don't reveal much private details about their relationship. But as reported, the couple met way back in 1973, in the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal, when Lesley was assigned to cover the incident by CBS and Aaron, a reporter for The New York Times back then, was told to do the same. 

Lesley and Aaron

Lesley Stahl with her husband Aaron Latham

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Soon after the first encounter, they got closer and began dating. After more than 7 years of affair, Lesley Stahl and Aaron Letham became husband and wife. They got married on February 17, 1977. Well, it has been more than 40 years since their marriage and even now the couple is still together.   

Lesley and Aaron

Lesley and Aaron

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Old is gold!

But Aaron, as it turns out, is not  Lesley's first love.So, you surely want to know about her past affairs then.

Past affairs

Prior to Aaron, Lesley was married to husband Jeffery Gordan in 1964. The love between these two, however, couldn't sustain long and they got divorced in 1967

The details about the relationship of the couple are yet to be revealed. Even the reason for their split is still a mystery and neither Lesley nor Jeffery have spoken anything about it.,

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Child of Lesley and Aaron

As for the only child of Lesley and Aaron, Taylor Latham, the couple hasn't given the details to her date of birth. But wait, it's not all. The couple prior to marriage was in a live-in relationship and Lesley got pregnant in late 1976.

Lesley, in her interview with People, said:

I wouldn't have a child without being married. The CBS were not easy on me. I had the Korean scandal, which meant stakesout on my feet. 

Maybe, Lesley is saying the truth. But who knows, given the privacy the couple has maintained around their life and the sensitivity of the issue, she might be answering diplomatically.

Lesley and Aaron with their daughter, Taylor

Lesley and Aaron with their daughter, Taylor Latham

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Taylor, like her parents, chose media as her career. She is a director-writer known for her work in the 2016 TV movie Prototype; Lol, which came out in 2012; and Freeheld  (2015). 

Lesley and Aaron, the grandparents

Lesley's daughter Taylor got married to her husband Andrew Major in 2007, after he proposed Taylor in October 2006. The wedding took place at Foley Estates Vineyard and Winery at Santa Rita Hills in the presence of 185 close relatives and friends.

Taylor Latham and her husband, Andrew Major

Taylor and her husband, Andrew

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Andrew, a businessman, met Taylor in 2001. They dated each other for 6 years before deciding to settle down. The couple welcomed their first daughter, Jordan Majors, in 2011. Another daughter, Chloe Majors, was born in 2014

Lesley with her granddaughters

Lesley with her granddaughters

Source: YouTube

Lesley, happy and excited after becoming a grandmother, shared her experiences in her book Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of The New Grandparenting. The book was released in 2016

Lesley has said in the book that she is attached to her two granddaughters and loves to spend her time and play with them.

Aaron Latham fight against Parkinson's disease

Lesley's husband Aaron is suffering from Parkinson's disease. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2015.

In the same year, Lesley wrote a book about Parkinson's disease. Titled Fighting Back Against Parkinson's -In the Ring, she says in the book that the program Rock Steady Boxing works to curb the symptoms of the disease and can even reverse its effects to an extent in some cases. Aaron Latham is also the part of the program and is actively engaged in it. Here is the video of it.

The program, developed in 2006, aims to help those suffering from Parkinson's by using professional techniques. The effect of the program is explained by Lesley as:

Boxing’s just the opposite of Parkinson’s. Instead of to shrink you, everything’s designed to pump you up. First of all, you get to put on these great gloves. It gives you enormous, giant hands and a different attitude toward the world. You get your physical courage back and your mental courage seems to kinda come along.

We hope that Aaron's hard work finally pays off. Stay tuned for more updates.

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