Is Latina Audrey Esparza married or in relationship with boyfriend? Any past affairs or not?

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NBC’s crime drama TV series Blindspot’s actor, Audrey Esparza has been gaining huge fans and followers lately. Because of her immense beauty and talent, a lot of men have an eye on her.

If you are one of her fans, you will be more than happy to know that Esparza is single as she doesn’t have a boyfriend at present. Let’s find out more about this beauty.

Audrey Esparza and boyfriend Sullivan Stapleton's relationship

Latin Audrey, who is rising in fame lately seems to keep her personal and professional life at a huge distance. Even her social networking sites don't show much about her personal life. However, her Instagram posts have a face that has been repeated few times.

He is no one other than Blindspot’s lead, Sullivan Stapleton. But it doesn’t seem like there is anything cooking between Esparza and Stapleton. Moreover, they seem like ‘just’ good friends but nothing more than that.


Well, in case they really are in a relationship, we hope they some day open about it. 

Audrey Esparza gaining fame as an FBI agent

Esparza’s series, ‘Blindspot’ made her gain much fame. It has not been long since the series aired its first season on 21st September 2015. Esparza is a special FBI agent in the series whose name is Natasha ‘Tasha’ Zapata. Esparza seems to enjoy her role very much. During an interview, she said: “I feel like I’m working with one of the coolest teams on television right now.

As a working actor, I’m somebody that’s inspired to be a working actor. I have a call time. To know every night that I get to wake up and do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do is the most exciting part whenever I have a job. It seems to be a little ongoing; it’s crazy and exciting, and I feel lucky every day I get to do it.

Actress Audrey Esparza

Image: Audrey Esparza

Besides Blindspot, Esparza has also appeared in ‘Floating Sunflowers’ in 2014 and ‘Amateurs’ in 2013.

Audrey Esparza has no time to date

It seems like the rising star Esparza did not have a boyfriend or love affairs in the past. She doesn’t seem to be interested in dating at the moment, as she appears to be more focused on her career. Recently, Esparza finished a TNT show called ‘Public Morals’.

During the same interview, Esparza was asked about her other projects, she said: ‘I just finished “ Public Morals” which just started airing about two weeks ago. That one was so much fun. It was a lifelong dream to get to work with Ed Burns.  He’s smart, kind, and as talented as he is a character. That was so much fun, and the character like I told you is so much different from Tasha’.

Video: Blindspot's Audrey Esparza Unwraps the Mole Mystery

Image: Audrey Esparza

We wish this beauty more success in coming days. We also would like to see her being tied in a romantic love affair and get married to the lucky as well. For now, all we can do it wait.