Is Joss Fong still single or Married? Who is she dating currently? Know Her love for Children

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Whenever we see a gorgeous journalist the first thing that comes to our mind is whether she is dating or single. Marital status of any man or woman, regardless of their profession, seems to be a huge matter of interest to general people. Likewise, the fans of Joss Fong are curious to know if she is single or married.

Fong is a successful journalist who is active in her profession as well as maintains a good social image on social networking sites as well, but not many know about the lucky guy who is in a relationship with Fong. But, wait! The real question here is: does Fang really have a boyfriend? Well, you will find that out soon:

Who is Joss Fong's boyfriend?

New York-based journalist Joss Fong is a New York University grad. Although she has worked as an editor for various other renowned Media Matters, she is quite renowned as the senior editorial producer for Vox owned by Vox Media.

Journalist Joss Fong

Journalist Joss Fong

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Who wouldn’t want a successful woman in his life? But reportedly, there is no guy in Fong's life. You might have a hard time to believe it, but Fong possibly doesn't have a boyfriend.

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There are no traces of previous affairs and relationships of the talented journalist. However, she might have had a few low-key affairs that she chose not to bring into the limelight.

Joss Fong Fond of children and her cat

Fong is very active on her Instagram and Twitter. She often posts her day-to-day activities on her Instagram. She is seen very close to two children on her Twitter who looks like her own, but they aren't.


Forced neph into the photo booth

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The babies are Fong's sister's kids and she appears to be very attached to them. Considering the bond Fong shares with the toddlers makes us believe that she will be a great mom someday.


My baby niece

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Even though Fong isn't a mother, she owns a cat named Karl. Karl seems to be too much pampered by Fong. We say that based on Fong's Instagram posts who doesn't skip a chance to show off how adorable her little pet is. 


Morning karl

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Despite the fact that Fong is a successful journalist, she still has a long way to go. It seems like she is working on it as well. That might be the reason why she isn't so much into dating at the moment. But, we believe that she will find the right person to get married sooner or later.

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