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Home Gossip Is Josh Janowicz and Emilie de Ravin still dating each other?

Is Josh Janowicz and Emilie de Ravin still dating each other?

Richa Sun Jul, 2016
Is Josh Janowicz and Emilie de Ravin still dating each other?

Emilie De Ravin, who is popular for her work in Once Upon a Time, is ending her married life with actor Joshua Janowicz.

She has currently filed for divorce in L.A. Superior Court on Tuesday. News confirmed by E! News stated reasoning to irreconcilable difference this couple previously divorced on Nov 1, 2013.

They were married on June 19, 2003, and they do not have any children for now. In the year 2007, De Ravin’s filed for divorce.

They publicly announced about their break up in the very time, however, the papers were not finalized at the very time.

They are leaving on good terms, according to the sources, as they are living separately but have maintained their relationship as good friends.

This couple dated for 2 years and enjoyed a wonderful time. Janowicz proposed his lady on New Year’s Day in 2005 in a fine restaurant in Melbourne.

Later on, they also moved on a short trip to Japan together in 2009. In the very time, their pictures posted on social networking sites also elaborated about their successful married life.

Fans of Josh and Emilie are not much happy with the news. Their pictures together were mostly liked by their fans and were blessed with their smooth relationship. But now with the end of their married life, many random guesses are spread across.

Emilie having 5 feet 2 inches of height is focusing on her career and she is not ready to jump into a relationship. Josh is also having a similar condition. They have promised to maintain their friendship and have a smooth relationship. Emilie is planning for a short vacation trip to Sydney, whereas Josh is busy with his upcoming big projects, which will be released by the end of this year.

For now, her engagement ring is getting attention from her fans on Twiter.