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Home Gossip Is James Murray really married? Know about his affairs and dating history with Emily Amick

Is James Murray really married? Know about his affairs and dating history with Emily Amick

abhilasha Mon Dec, 2016
Is James Murray really married? Know about his affairs and dating history with Emily Amick

James Murray the famous American actor best known for his ITV's soap opera Coronation Street as Sandy Hunter is a married man. James has done many movies and series which made him for what he is now. He has been already married and is also blessed with children. James and his wife had almost two years of romantic relationship with each other before getting married. But have you heard about James dating and having an affair with actress Emily Amick?  Well if not that’s what will be our main matter today. Read till the end to know about James married life and his relationship between Emily Amick.

James and his relation with his wife seem to be going well. Recently they have done a very personal confession about their most important stuff of their life. So why is Emily's name connected with James then?

James Murray and his wife

James Murray and his wife


James Murray has been long married to his wife Sarah Parish who is from England too. She is the resident of Islington and married James on 15 December 2007. This pair dated for two years before they finally decided to tie a knot with each other and stay together forever. They married in Hampshire, England where they currently reside.

James Murray and Sarah Parish

James and Sarah first announced about their first child on 18 January 2008. Later their baby girl Ella-Jayne was born on 7 June 2008 unfortunately with Rubinstein – Taybi syndrome and died eight months from her birth. Rubinstein – Taybi syndrome is kind of condition which can be characterised by short stature, moderate to serve learning difficulties, distinctive facial features and broad thumbs and first toes.


Since Ella-Jayne died they have been raising funds for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital. After a certain time, Sarah gave birth to their second baby who also was a daughter and named her Nell. The confession about their baby girl's death was done by Sarah in a very bitter way. She said even their baby girl isn't alive anymore they have been making birthday card every year on their birthday just to remember her and cherish themselves. She said losing their daughter was hell…. but I wouldn't change it'.

Rumour about James Murray and Emily Amick's rumour

Talking about Emily Amick, she is also a famous American actress who is best known for her work on Impractical Jokes. She has also done many other movies like Paradox X in 2016, See You Around in 2015, Love Dance in 2012 and many other films. James and Emily are working in the same industry so that may be a reason why this two name has been connected.

Looking for daily affairs of both the actors it's hard to predict if James and Emily are really in a relationship or their dating rumour is just a usual tales almost all celebrity face. But we can be sure that see James Murray and his wife Sarah Parish they hardly seem to have any unwanted things going on between them.