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Home Gossip The Truth Behind Jake Paul's Marriage With Girlfriend Erika Costell: Know The Girls In His Life

The Truth Behind Jake Paul's Marriage With Girlfriend Erika Costell: Know The Girls In His Life

Sabina Gartaula Mon May, 2018
The Truth Behind Jake Paul's Marriage With Girlfriend Erika Costell: Know The Girls In His Life

Jake Joseph Paul, a.k.a. Jake Paul, is an American YouTube personality and actor. Best known for his self-titled YouTube channel with over 14 million subscribers, the man is currently taken. He is currently married to his wife Erika Costell, a model and a YouTube sensation. 

The 21-year-old started dating the model back in 2017, not long after his controversial split with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. And recently, his current marriage has become even more controversial.

If you are interested to find out more about Jake and Erika's controversial marriage and his past affairs, keep on reading. 

Jake Paul's Marriage To Wife Erika Costell, Says The Relationship Is Fake 

Jake and model Erika started dating back in April 2017, not long after the headline-making breakup with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet.

Eventually, Erika started making numerous appearances on his Instagram and YouTube channel. And it was on 19th June 2017, the couple shocked the internet with their wedding video. 

Jake's fans were very happy about his new move. But he again changed everything into a controversy after he shared that they were not even dating and that it was all just for the camera.

Watch Jake's fake wedding video.

He even quoted that:

We’re not even actually dating. It’s like the WWE. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things of entertainment.

This indeed came out as a shock to many and Jake was again able to make headlines. 


Happy Thanksgiving Babe

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It has been more than seven months since the news first hit the internet, and it is very strange how Jake still uploads pictures of Erika and himself like they are a couple. 

Jake Paul's Past Affairs 

Jake's first open relationship was with Instagram model Alissa Violet who is also the former member of his Team 10.

Alissa and Jake made frequent appearances on their official Instagram uploads and also on their YouTube videos.

Jake Paul with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet

Jake Paul with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet

Source: Clevver

The relationship was indeed legit as they started dating in 2016 but things took a drastic turn in just a year as Alissa opened up about everything.

She shared that Jake was a liar and shared how he slept with other women while she was still in their bedroom. She also added that he would tell her that he loved her like nothing.

Watch Jake and Alissa together on their YouTube channel. 

As things got very serious, Jake kicked her out of his house and broke up with her in the most insensitive way possible. They dated for more than a year until they broke up in Feb 2017.

Apart from these two relationships, even though one of them is fake, Jake has not been reported being in any other relationships. But after breaking up with Alissa, he was rumored of dating Tessa Brooks who is also an American model. 

Jake Paul with rumored girlfriend Tessa Brooks

Jake Paul with rumored girlfriend Tessa Brooks

Source: YouTube

We are unsure where Jake is going when it comes to his relationship in the future. Neither we can say anything about his career as he loves getting into controversies, and he already has faced a lot of losses.