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Home Gossip Is Hezekiah Walker a gay? Find about his wife and kids

Is Hezekiah Walker a gay? Find about his wife and kids

Jharna Prasai Sun Dec, 2016
Is Hezekiah Walker a gay? Find about his wife and kids

          Bishop Hezekiah Xzavier Walker (born 1962) is a renowned pastor, singer, writer, songwriter and also a director who wasn't even allowed to sing, dance and watch movies. His married life was going well until his former wife Monique blamed him for being a Homosexual. The doubt about him being a gay arose after his extremely surprising divorce with his wife.

      After his gay rumor and divorce, Hezekiah was told to step down from the pastor. Now, he is staying alone and focusing on his career. 

Hezekiah suffering from STD-

       The Grammy Award-winning Hezekiah was known as a good husband until his former wife Monique suffered from a Sexually Transmitted Disease. According to Monique, her ex-husband transmitted her this disease and suspected something fishy. When she forced him to tell the reason behind the disease, pastor confronted that he was having affair with a man wearing woman clothes and a blond wig. He was the man who lives as Transvestite. But later Walker denied the rumor.


Hezekiah and Monique-        

          One of the most renowned black ministers Hezekiah was not able to succeed in his married life like he did in his career. On February 15, 2006, he was reported to be a homosexual. He didn't allow his wife and his daughter Kyasia Monet Walker to stay in his house after they knew about his affair with a Transvestite. He wanted to live along with his lover. After Walker's behavior and his sexual activities, this couple decided to divorce, they were together since 1992.

Monique Walker


Monique Davenport and Kyasia Monet-

        After such a bitter divorce Monique Walker dropped out Walker from her name. She is one of the Gospel choir Soloists. Her daughter Kyaisa is staying with her. Kyaisa could not be a singer like her parents. 

Kyasia Walker


Hezekiah And Monique avoiding the questions about their divorce and gay rumors-

        There is still no proof that Walker is a homosexual, He has not opened up about it to the media. Walker is not excepting that he is a gay and also demanded a apology to the media who created the rumor. Though this couple got divorce still they aren't clarifying to the media about it. Monique is not speaking about her divorce after they are apart and even is not saying anything about the gay rumors.

          Pastor Walker and Monique may not be together right now but their fans still want to see them together. Both of them are not staying with other partners but are living alone. Paster is not staying with the transvestite and the rumor about he is a gay is still not confirmed by that couple.