Is Gigi Gorgeous still Single or Married? Who is she Currently Dating? Know about her Relationships

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Gigi Gorgeous, also known by her birth name Giselle Loren Lazzarato, is one of the most important beauty gurus on YouTube. Gigi, who is a transgender woman, is also a model and an actress widely considered an inspiration for the LGBT community. 

Gorgeous is now not only a YouTube sensation but also has a movie of her own, This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, which has been inspired by her personal story. 


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Gigi is considered a strong role model for those who want to transition from man to woman, as she openly shares her transition on her YouTube channel. Gigi is also very open to her fans about her relationships and everything that is happening with her life. 

Gigi's past relationships

From October 2014, Gigi was in an open relationship with American personality Cory Binney.  The duo was very close at the time and Gigi's channel used to be filled with videos of the two collaborating. They even uploaded a video of themselves reacting to old videos of Gigi, one in which she was still a boy and the other which showed them cooking meals together. 

Watch Gigi's Youtube channel below.

However, later the duo broke up because of a reason Gigi is not ready to share. Later, Gigi even made a music video to mock her ex, Cory. But with time the two started getting close again, and they started to date on and off until she finally found the one. 

Gigi as lesbian and her current relationship

After a few months of officially breaking up with Cory in 2015, Gigi came out as a lesbian on her YouTube channel. In the video, she shared that she fell in love with special someone who is a woman, too. Soon enough, she told that she was in a relationship with Natalia Williams, who is the heiress to Getty family. 


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However, in 2016, Gigi broke up with her girlfriend Nats. She announced the sad news through her video on her YouTube channel. Despite the breakup, Gigi still claimed that she cared about Nats very much. 

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Soon enough, by the end of 2016, the couple got back together again, sharing loving pictures of each other on Instagram. 

Is Gigi married?

It has been a while since Gigi and her girlfriend have been together, and the two have never been happier. Nats can be seen making more appearances on Gigi's channel, and their Instagrams are filled with the most romantic pictures. The two are not married yet. In a rapid-fire question round with Vogue, Gigi shared that she would soon like to get married and have children with Nats. 


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Gigi is not married yet, but it may not be long before YouTube's favorite pair get married and live happily ever after.