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Home Gossip Is Fox Reporter Harris Faulkner in extramarital Affair? Married To Husband Tony Berlin Since 2003

Is Fox Reporter Harris Faulkner in extramarital Affair? Married To Husband Tony Berlin Since 2003

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sun Feb, 2017
Is Fox Reporter Harris Faulkner in extramarital Affair?  Married To Husband Tony Berlin Since 2003

Marriage between Harris Faulkner, the reporter from FOX and Tony Berlin was once a top story on several news channels and social websites. However, almost after 13 years of their marriage, the story about them has reappeared but sadly on a negative note.

Is it true that Harris Faulkner really has an extramarital affair? If yes, then who is her boyfriend? Or is she living a happy married life with her husband and family? Along with these, there arise a lot of questions regarding Harris and Tony's personal life.

Now you surely may have a lot of curiosity about Faulkner's life after reading the above-written paragraphs. Don't worry; we dug out all the answers of the quires only for you. Just stay with us for the full update.

Tony Berlin married life with wife Harris Faulkner

The news of famous television presenter and reporter for Fox News Channel, Harris Faulkner having a complete happy family, has an extramarital affair with her boyfriend is engrossing the mind of her fans.

First of all, let's talk about Tony Berlin's married life. We want to let you know that the couple met each other for the first time at Julie Banderas’ birthday party in 2000.

 After that, they started spending their time together and were even spotted in several places together as they were both working in the same field.

Both Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin were single when they encountered each other.

Harris Faulkner with her married husband Tony Berlin

Harris Faulkner with her married husband, Tony Berlin  

Source: Star Tribune

The couple soon started dating in March of 2001, and as both were in immense love with each other, it resulted in their blissful marriage.

After dating each other for about two years, Fox reporter Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin got married on 12 April 2003 in Arizona, in front of their nearest and dearest family and friends.

Harris Faulkner was very excited to get married to husband Tony Berlin, and she still considers it as the best part of her life. Thus she has also shared the wedding ceremony's picture last year on her marriage anniversary.

After seven years of their marriage, Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin welcomed their first child, daughter Bella Berlin which brought them unconditional happiness as they became parents for the first time.

Again after three years, Harris gave birth to her second daughter Danika who is currently at the age of three.


#tbt My husband agrees to just ONE family selfie a year and only one take and #nomakeup. Phew, the pressure! 2015 #pinehurst

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Though it has been over 15 years of their marriage and their love and passion for each other remain same till this date.

There are not even any sign of their fights or problems in their marital life as the Fox news reporter is very open to talking about her marital relationship with husband Tony Berlin.


Happily married husband and wife: Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner with their children; both are daughters

Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner with their children; both are daughters   Source: youtube

Moreover, she also describes Tony as a good father as well as a good husband who spends most of his time with his family. All these things indicate that there is not even a site which can tell us about their separation or divorce.

Harris Faulkner's extramarital affair with any boyfriend

After years of Harris Faulkner' marriage with Tony Berlin, she was alleged to be having an extramarital affair with her ex-boyfriend.

The Newscaster Harris Faulkner

The Newscaster Harris Faulkner  Source: Pinterest

After Harris Faulkner was alleged to be dating some men and cheating on her husband Tony Berlin, she swiftly denied the rumors related to the matter.

Video: Harris Faulkner with her husband Tony Berlin and children

The rumors Harris Faulkner having an extra-marital affair are surely false. As being involved in the same profession, the couple is leading both their personal and professional life swiftly without any controversy or divorce related rumors. The Fox news anchor recently a settled a lawsuit against Hasbro, which helped her add $ 5 million to her current net worth.

The Fox reporter and her husband Tony Berlin have achieved mane and fame from and are able to live a successful celebrity life so far. We wish all the very best for their future and hope their bond gets stronger with every passing day.

Quick facts about Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin:

When did Harris Faulkner and husband Tony Berlin get married?

Fox news reporter, Harris Faulkner, and Tony Berlin got married on the 12th of April, 2003.

Do Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin have any children?

Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner have two daughters named Bella Berlin and Danika Berlin.

Is Harris Faulkner having any extramarital affairs?

Fox news reporter Harris Faulkner has denied any rumors regarding her having any extra-marital affairs.

Are Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin getting divorced?

Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin share a very healthy relationship between them and their kids and are not getting divorced.

How tall is Harris Faulkner?

Harris Faulkner's height is 1.75 m, ie. 5 feet 8 inches.

How old is Harris Faulkner?

As of 2019, she is 53 years of age. She was born on October 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.