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Home Gossip Is Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus Partners? Know about Miley Cyrus affairs.

Is Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus Partners? Know about Miley Cyrus affairs.

Pratik Ghimire Fri Dec, 2016
Is Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus Partners? Know about Miley Cyrus affairs.

Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment were the partners in the show "Hannah Montana". They played as best friends in the show. However, according to the autobiography, Miley shared in 2009, they were not very fond of each other and in fact used to dislike each other in the beginning. Miley Cyrus is quite open about her relationship and till date, she has had affair with eight guys (that we know of). Want to know more? Stay with us.

Miley's Relation with Emily Osment.

Miley debuted with the show "Hannah Montana", however, Osment did some video advertisements before starting with the show. This difference in experience did certainly bring some insecurity to Miley in the beginning of the project. 

Emily and Hanna in "Hannah Montana: The movie".

Image: Emily and Hanna in "Hannah Montana: The movie".

Source: fanpop

They had to play as best friends on screen and maintain chemistry between them which was not an easy task to accomplish. Both of them tried their best to collaborate with each other but mostly ended up clashing among themselves. According to Miley, she remembers being fond of Emily once in a while when they were not in their “actor persona”. Miley has expressed her thoughts on Emily and said that they were not fond of each other in the beginning.

The making of Hannah Montana: the movie changed their relation for good. Their friendship didn't bloom at once but during the making of the movie they ended up being pretty good friends, so much that Miley stated their relationship to be "freakishly close".

As of now, their friendship is not so evident other than a few twitter exchanges. The fans that still freak out about the show get pretty excited over small social media exchanges between Miley and Emily. There is no denying that the both of them must be quite busy with their personal careers. So, its not like the old times being together like in the old times is quite unlikely for the two.



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Miley Cyrus' relationship and affairs.

Miley is known to be wild and carefree in the industry today as she pulls out many tantrums and controversies. She has had a series of on and off relationships and doesn’t shy away from them. She has been in around eight exclusive relationships till date. Her first known relationship was with Tyler Posey whom she dated for two years (2001-2003). This puppy-love relationship ended when they were 11-years-old.

After posey, she dated Dylan Sprouse for a really brief time in 2006. She also dated Nick Jonas for around a year. They were not very open about their relationship when they were actually dating. Only after they split in 2007, Miley confirmed the rumors. After Jonas, she dated Thomas Sturges and Justin Gaston before she met Liam Hemsworth in 2009.

Miley and Liam taking selfie.

Image: Miley and Liam taking a selfie.

Source: etonline

Presently, she is engaged to Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus and Hemsworth started dating in 2009 and parted ways in 2013. They were only engaged and wasn't married when they decided to split. After her split with Liam, Miley started dating Patrick Schwarzenegger toward the end of 2014 which hardly lasted a year. After Patrick, Miley was rumored to have dated Stella Maxwell, if the pictures of them kissing are to be trusted. They kept their relationship inclusively and shortly parted ways. 

Miley reconciled with Liam in 2015 and is still happily engaged to him. Their cheerful, colorful pictures during Christmas were really adorable.

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Miley and Emily have few things in common but are good friends and we hope this friendship stays forever. Miley, the young, wild girl has a list of love affairs in her career. We hope she gets her love of her life soon.

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