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Home Gossip Is Don Lemon gay? His love and affair stories. Is Don married?

Is Don Lemon gay? His love and affair stories. Is Don married?

Richa Mon Mar, 2016
Is Don Lemon gay? His love and affair stories. Is Don married?

Of course not Don Lemon is a gay. This 49 years old man is gay belonging to sexuality working as an American journalist by his professional time. Don Lemon seems totally busy in his career by now. He also stated in one of the magazine that he does not get surprised why people doubt in his sexuality mentioning him as gay. He is not sad with this rumor in fact he gets amazed every time why people are interested about it. One of the major reasons behind questioning his sexuality can also because he is not married till the time.

Don has even absence of affair stories in his life. Even he is not spotted with any of the girls within the time and none of the girls has stated demon as her boyfriend. Don neglect all of these affair and hypothetical concept of the people and states there will come a perfect time for him to get married with his affair and claim her as his spouse. But in the present time he is totally busy with his career and earning with his salary for the better future therefore he is silent about the love journey of his life.

Don is very sophisticated person by nature. He loves travelling a lot and he has never seen with aggression according to his friends. He has maintained a healthy relationship with the media as well as with his well-wisher. Even his net worth is exclusive amount due to his sincerity. His achievement has reached across the top of the position as well as he is planning to move on with some specific planning near to the future. Don is also family oriented with his nature and he loves his mother a lot. For him his mother’s choice can also be the person with whom he can get married with.