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Home Gossip Is Dodie Clark still Single? Who is she Currently Dating? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Is Dodie Clark still Single? Who is she Currently Dating? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Chandra Rana Tue Nov, 2017
Is Dodie Clark still Single? Who is she Currently Dating? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Dorothy Miranda Clark, better known as Dodie Clark, is a famous English singer-songwriter and YouTuber. Dodie, the Essex artist who has won many hearts with her melodious voice, has made everyone curious about her relationship status in recent days after mentioning her ex-boyfriend in her tweet.

Further, her closeness with Sammy Paul has raised a lot of questions. Is she in a relationship with Sammy? Well, let's dig in to open the mysterious box and find the truth.

Dodie Clark's relationships, is she dating now?

Despite being quite a private person, Dodie did send the media scuttling after mentioning her ex on her 2014 tweet. But after that, she has not broached the topic further. So we don't know who her boyfriend was.

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Some sources do claim that she met him in 2012 when she was 17, and they broke up in 2014.

After her split with her mysterious boyfriend, Dodie fell for British/Algerian filmmaker Sammy Paul and dated him briefly. But things did not work well for them and they broke up. However, they still managed to remain good friends.

The reason for their split has not been revealed yet.

The singer was then linked to YouTuber Nathan Zed, after she shared a photo of them together on her Instagram with the caption, "have you ever seen a beautiful pair or purer love and admiration."



have you ever seen a more beautiful pair or purer love and admiration

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They killed the rumor by stating that they were no more than good friends. But rumor did not stop following Dodie and soon enough she was said to be dating Evan Edinger. This picture, posted on Instagram, of her and Evan, only made the suspicion stronger.



But again, Dodie had her way out of it by saying that they were nothing more than pals and that they were supportive of each other.

But wait! The surprise is yet to come. After being linked with many young men, Dodie opened up about her sexuality and said that she is bisexual. 

Dodie revealed herself as bisexual

Clark came out as officially bisexual in 2015. She said that she is equally interested in both males and females. She also explained about her sexual orientation in a video posted on her YouTube channel on May 23, 2016.

Here is the video.

Since then, she has tried to present herself as a role model for those like her and make others aware of the issue. She has even shared details about the abusive relationship she had with the mysterious boyfriend. 

Dodie, who suffered abuse throughout her teenage, wants everyone to be aware of the psychological and emotional trauma that gay and bisexual people face. 

Dodie Clark, a brave and successful lady

CAPTION: Dodie, the brave and successful lady

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Irrespective of what people think of her sexuality,  The Essex-born crooner, who has collaborated with YouTubers such as Tessa VioletTom Law, Luke CutforthJack Howard and Lucy Evenden, plans to continue her good work.  

We wish Dodie all the best for her future. Stay tuned for more updates.