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Home Gossip Is Cook Sunny Anderson Married? Know Her Affairs, Boyfriend, And Dating History

Is Cook Sunny Anderson Married? Know Her Affairs, Boyfriend, And Dating History

Mahammad Arsad shekh Fri Mar, 2017
Is Cook Sunny Anderson Married? Know Her Affairs, Boyfriend, And Dating History

A famous American cook who is best known for the famous food channel Food Network, Sunny Anderson has been making headlines regarding her personal life which has considerably gained wide attention and curiosity towards the audience.

A lot of questions arose regarding Sunny Anderson's personal life such as Is she dating any boyfriend? Is she already married? If yes, then who is her husband? along with these, millions of her fans are wondering to be answered to other dominant questions related to the cook's private life. Don't worry, we are here with all the answers to your queries. Just stay with us.

Is Sunny Anderson Dating or Married? Her Affairs

A beautiful successful woman, Sunny Anderson is a television personality and there is no doubt that many men want her as a life partner. We can just assume that she has someone special in her life as she hasn't mentioned anything about her love affair.

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Sunny is too much concerned about private stuff and doesn't like sharing much about her personal life. Thus, Sunny tried to keep her personal information such as love, affairs, dating history, boyfriend as well as marriage, husband, and children low profiled.

Cook Sunny Anderson

Cook Sunny Anderson  Source: Pinterest

However, we have been successful to bring all her secrets regarding her personal life out of the box. While stumbling through Sunny Anderson's dating history, we found her as flirtatious natured women but despite being flirty women she never revealed her relationship status in public until she confronted her love affair in 2009.

Previously, the African-American cook was reported single but as published in an interview by on 28 April 2009, Sunny has accepted her affair with her boyfriend and said that she loves to cook dinner for him. Check out yourself;

My boyfriend, because cooking for someone you love is the tops. I got lucky and found a guy who loves everything I make and will always try something new. I love nothing more than discussing what to make for dinner and seeing his eyes light up.

Seems easy to find someone like that, but for a foodie like me, it really isn't.

The identity of her boyfriend that she was hiding from the public's eye was, in fact, her long-time partner. But they broke up some time ago without citing any reasons.

The duo used to have dinners at their home together in Brooklyn, but that changed after their breakup. The exact reason behind their separation was just a mystery for her fans until Sunny herself revealed it.

Sunny Anderson with her ex-boyfriend in Brooklyn

Sunny Anderson with her ex-boyfriend in Brooklyn  Source: Instagram

Sunny Anderson's Past Affairs and Relationships

Continuously, in an interview with Rachel on the Rachel Ray Show, the cook Sunny Anderson has declared her experience about dating men and also expresses her bereavement about men who had eventually let her down in a significant manner.

Video: Sunny Anderson telling the experience of dating men in Rachel Ray Show

Moreover, Sunny Anderson speaks about roaming with her boyfriend Aaron who is a Chef. How do we know this? because Sunny herself had posted it on her Twitter account on 18th October 2013.

Also, scrolling down Sunny's Instagram profile we came to know that in the year 2008, she previously had an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Henry Martin. The couple is still in a relationship but that relationship isn't as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Even after their break up, they are still good friends because recently, she uploaded the picture with Martin which was snapped over 8 years back on Sunny Anderson's birthday. Who would post a picture of their ex even if one doesn't have a good relationship?



Aged 43, Sunny is still unmarried and seems to be living her single life happily together with her family. She also shared some memorable moments on her Instagram profile which she spent together with her parents.



Happy Valentine's Day to my parents. I'm seeing plenty of young love on my TL, but I wanted to talk about this OG love they have. Married for 46 years, and they are still in love like teenagers. One from North Carolina, one from South Carolina, but somehow they met. It's disgusting...their love... lol. But that love I watched as a kid and see now, has shown me the way. Through so many life changes, a jillion moves to cities and countries unknown...raising 2 kids and 2 dogs with the occasional tadpoles and hamsters. Supporting each other not only as parents, but as university students while they raised a young family. Not always having money, but being rich. Striking out and seeing the world together with adventurous hearts. And ask me if I ever saw them fight or disagree...nope. Just two annoying people in love lol...because of them, I know what it looks like, it's not just opened doors and foot rubs, but yes that is and should truly be unconditional. Who do you choose to ride out with, through thick and thin? Because of them I know what it looks like and feels like to have a real love and joy in your heart in general, and a real love and joy in your heart for another person. Hope you pressed play, that's their song. ?? Happy V Day Mommy & Daddy and anyone else down for that 40+ year journey

A post shared by Sunny Anderson (@sunnyanderson) on


As she rarely speaks about her love affairs, now what we can do is just wait for her next interview to find out her feelings towards marriage and who would be her perfect husband.

As of early 2019, Sunny Anderson's net worth is reported to be around $5 million. She also has been able to earn millions of fans. We wish her all the very best for her future.

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