Is CNN's Sara Ganim married? Boyfriend or husband! See Jerry Sandusky Scandle here

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Sara Ganim, an American journalist, who won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize, can be called a beauty with the brain. She broke the story of Sandusky scandal which earned her the award and now she is a correspondent of CNN.

Is Sara Ganim married?

Sara who rose to fame after her story was only 24, inspired many journalism students. She appeared on TV a lot so she must have had a lot of guys falling for her.

She hasn’t disclosed any of her personal life events on her social sites. But in one of the photos in her Instagram, she is seen wearing a ring which indicates that she is engaged or maybe married.


For once, no hurricane here!

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In few photos of her Instagram, she is seen with a guy who probably may be the one, her husband or fiancé.


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The mid-afternoon, snackbreak, insta throwback.

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Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Jerry Sandusky was the assistant coach of Penn State University’s championship winning football team. He was already retired when Sara was working as a reporter for a small newspaper in state college.

Sara started the investigation on a small lead but her instinct directed her to the root. She had also studied in Penn University so she knew exactly where to look. She checked around the university’s online message board and found rumors about Sandusky getting friendly with young boys.

Sara started asking around but people did not give out anything. She kept digging for two years but still could not find any facts. Eventually, she joined the Harrisburg’s The Patriot News in Jan 2011 that is when she identified two alleged victims. She also learned that Sandusky was under investigation by the grand jury for sexual abuse.

She kept investigating and finally had enough evidence to publish her first story accusing the former coach had molested at least one boy. Due to Sandusky’s reputation many people termed it as gossip but Sara kept reporting.

After 7 month Sandusky was publically charged and arrested for sexual abuse of eight boys which included oral sex and sodomy. Sara had gained many sources and was the first to land an interview with one of the victim’s mother.

The Patriot News published a front page editorial on November 8 on basis of Sara’s reporting for resignation of Penn State president and head coach. This resulted the university to force out both the men.

This incident made Penn State and other schools to take abuse allegations seriously and it is all thanks to the courageous and determined Sara Ganim.