Is Chris Benoit 'a forgotten Name' In the History of WWE? John Cena has answers

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Jhon Cena the much loved WWE entertainer talks about his fellow WWE companion Chris Benoit.
In a Qand A with fans in Australia, When one of Jhon's fans asked him why WWE doesn't acknowledge Chris Benoit in a historical context? 

The twenty-five Championships winner replied that oftentimes we are so caught up in a person's abilities that sometimes even our bad actions are overlooked if we are good at what we do. 

Jhon Cena

Image: John Cena

Source: WWE

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He further added,

"I don't in believe that. I believe you should take ownership for your actions. All of them. Not just ones that are performed in front of an audience. I think our company's stance on the entire situation set a precedent for athletics and a precedent for entertaining of taking ownership for your actions."

Video: John Cena remembers Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit murdered His wife in June 2007 and then committed suicide two days later hanging himself. Since then Benoit's existence seems completely disappeared from the company.

Chris benoit who murdered his wife

Image: Chris Benoit

Source: WWE

Jhon Cena is a Charismatic Wrestler, Rapper and TV show host. The forty-year-old American Wrestler started his career in 1999 in Ultimate Wresting Pro and then officially became a member of WWE in 2001.

He plays as a free agent wrestling for both SmackDown and RAW