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Home Gossip Is Cassie De Pecol currently single? Find out more Information about her Relationships and Affairs

Is Cassie De Pecol currently single? Find out more Information about her Relationships and Affairs

Chandra Rana Thu Nov, 2017
Is Cassie De Pecol currently single? Find out more Information about her Relationships and Affairs

Cassandra De Pecol, famous with her fans as Cassie, is an American traveler, speaker, and blogger who recently grabbed highlights as the fastest person to travel to every sovereign nation of the world, as stated by her Guinness World Record certificate.

Given the newfound fame, everyone seems to be curious about her private life. Is she dating someone, or enjoying her blissful, adventure-filled single life? Today, at Frostsnow, we have decided to unravel Cassie's life for our readers.

Cassie De Pecol: know about her relationships

Everyone likes to travel around and see the world. But few are passionate about it. Cassie, 28, seems to be among those few individuals who are totally devoted to their passion. Good news, guys. Cassie is apparently single.

Cassie De Pelco

Fastest world traveler: Cassie Del Pelco

Source: lonelyplanet

Surfing through her social media accounts, we found no traces of Cassie's affair. Even though her fame has made her a household name in some circles, her name has not been linked to anyone else's name. Maybe she has not found her mister perfect for her.

Cassie De Pelco

Cassie in Antartica on her world travel

Source: redbull

In addition to the void surrounding her present relationship status, we could find nothing about her past linkups as well.

But if Cassie is silent about her past and present affairs, she is proactive when it comes to sharing images from her travel. Pecol, who served as an ambassador for the International Institution of Peace Through Tourism, has an active Instagram life and constantly updates her fans about her adventures.


Still can’t get over how I’ve raced 3 Ironman 70.3’s and countless sprint/Olympic tris on rental bikes and an old, aluminum Bianchi that was passed down to my mom when I was a kid and shared between my brother and I really until I moved out to LA this past summer. My brother has the bike in Brooklyn now, and I realized that I was faced with a bit of a problem as I train for my first full Ironman without a road bike. Just like the Expedition, being able to afford this bike took sacrifices and saving every penny since I finished my Expedition. Alas! As of last weekend, I’m the proud owner of a @bianchi_usa Intrepida Tiagra ????????, and couldn’t be any happier ????‍??. It was the final missing piece to my triathlon collection, and I can’t wait to put some serious miles in and around the coastline and mountains of SoCal!! ?? A huge THANK YOU to Todd over at @bikeattack for spending hours with me at the shop to ensure that the fit and function of the bike pared seamlessly with my build and level. Amazing shop and knowledgeable guys over there! ????

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Oh hey ????, from a random cobblestone side street in Rouen, France. I traveled to every country alone and I continue to find comfort in solo exploration, even when on a cruise surrounded by people. The moment I step foot off the ship (this week, @ubyuniworld), I like to create my own memories by wondering aimlessly through vacant side streets and trying foods at little hole-in-the-wall places. I find that I’m able to connect with locals more so if I’m alone. Where’s the best place to see? Where’s the best place to eat the most local and authentic food? How do I get back to the ship? Locals know everything, best to trust the unknown, even when it comes to people in foreign countries, they always want to help and show you the very best of their culture; whether it be France, DRC or Yemen, it’s all the same sense of humanity when it comes to discovering new things within a culture ?????? #TravelforU

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Along with traveling, Cassie is also involved in collecting water samples from places around the world for Adventures and Scientists for Conservation.

Cassie's struggle and the subsequent  fame 

All Cassie wanted to achieve by traveling was to make the world a better place by exploring different places and civilizations. But beating the world record of Graham Huges, 33, who accomplished the same feat in 4 years, 31 days, in 2014, was something she had never imagined.

On July 24, 2015, Cassie set for her journey from her motherland, the US, and on February 2, 2017, she reached Yemen, the 196th and final country on her list

The journey, however, was not easy. She mentioned her economic struggles and her failure to collect enough money on her blog:

The money I had saved was gone. The only sponsership funding I had obtained was gone and I embarassingly had to just come back home.

But help from swimming legend  Michael Phelps helped her achieve her dreams.

Cassie being honored for her World Records

Cassie being honored for being the fastest person to travel all 196 countries

Source: lonelyplanet

With her accomplishment and a new world record, Cassie has proved that dedication and hard work wins.