Is Cariad Lloyd Married? Does She Have A Boyfriend? Her Affairs And Dating History Revealed

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One of the nominees for 2011' Best Newcomer at the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy AwardsCariad Lloyd is a famous actor and comedian from Britain. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2007, and needless to say, she has been in the headlines several of times for her acting skills. But, her personal life is quite mysterious as she has not revealed any details concerning her boyfriend, dating history and her affairs.

During a candid interview, Cariad brought lots of curiosities towards her personal life after she mentioned that she is married to her long-term boyfriend. Shocking, isn’t it? Yes, of course, it is like all these years her fans and admirers believed that her relationship status is single, with no hints of a boyfriend. However, Cariad Lloyd is a married woman.

The relationship between Carid Lloyd and her Husband 

During early 2000, Cariad Lloyd appeared in many interviews, mentioning about her husband. It came as a surprise to most of the people because nobody knew that she was married. In fact, there was not even a rumor about Lloyd having an affair or being in a relationship with a boyfriend.

British comedian/actress Cariad Lloyd

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In October 2013, Lloyd was interviewed by author Luke and there she mentioned that her husband reminded her that she does not 'improve' anymore. Similarly, during an audio interview with, Cariad Lloyd said that her husband and her friends think she is picky, which hinted on her married life.

She mentioned that before she went for ‘Shakespeare for Breakfast’, her boyfriend turned husband was doing the Film Festival'. She said;

Actually I went up before I did Shakespeare For Breakfast, I went up for 4 days because of my now-husband, then-boyfriend was doing the Film Festival.

I had been up, and really enjoying it, really liking it, but it wasn't until Shakespeare For Breakfast that I got up there and was like, I just fell in love with it.

Cariad Loyd has worked with Tracey Ullman, in her Tracey Ullman's Show. She made a special appearance in the televisison series I Want My Wife Back in 2016, where she was cast alongside Caroline Catz.

Is Cariad Lloyd up for a Divorce?

Well, with Cariad Lloyd revealing that she is a married woman, you might have a lot of queries and the foremost we guess is regarding their relationship status. We have witnessed a number of celeb couples who ended up in a divorce, well is it the same case with our today's highlit? Let's find out.



Thus, we can say that Cariad Lloyd dated her boyfriend-now-husband for several years before getting married to him. But, the information about how and when she got married is still a secret. However, she has not disclosed the name of her husband and her dating history with him. Maybe she does not want any limelight into her personal life and affairs.

We believe that her married life with her husband is going really well. Thus, we can say that there are not any rumors about this couple’s divorce. However, Lloyd has never mentioned about her children, and that's why we think that she does not have any children yet.

Here is Cariad Lloyd's current Relationship status

Currently, Caria Lloyd lives with her husband. During the same interview, she mentioned that living with friends quite fascinates and excites her because she mostly lives with her husband. She said;

I'm an old lady, [she isn't] I find that sort of student living really nostalgic – because it's been so long since I did it, so it's like: “Oh my god I'm living with my friends!”, because I live with my husband.

British comedian and writer Cariad Lloyd

British comedian and writer Cariad Lloyd

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Cariad Lloyd is a very fun loving and hilarious person. Because of her tremendous talent as an actor and comedian, she has a huge fan following. Now that we know that she is happily married, we believe that her happiness will continue till long.

What do you think about Cariad Lloyd's married life with her husband? Do you think they will divorce in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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