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Home Gossip Is BBC Journalist Lucy Hockings Married? Know about her Affair and Relationship

Is BBC Journalist Lucy Hockings Married? Know about her Affair and Relationship

Ashmita Karki Sun Aug, 2017
Is BBC Journalist Lucy Hockings Married? Know about her Affair and Relationship

Marriage is considered as an important part of a person’s life. We often hear news about engagements, marriages, and weddings. Yet, it is not an absolutely essential step to save a relationship or to keep it going forever. Although some people prefer to do an extravagant wedding with lavish celebrations, there are people who prefer to keep it low-key.

BBC journalist Lucy Hockings’ relationship status is something that makes people curious. She is a household face in the field of journalism and TV media. Many might think that the journalist is single, but in reality, she is married. Yes, you read it right! Lucy has kept her married life so secret that not many know that she has a husband. Let’s find the details about her affairs and relationship:

Lucy Hockings Career in brief

Lucy Hockings has a close relationship with BBC World News. She has been working on it as its producer since 2000. She is also BBC World’s presenter. She has covered many major issues including the 2004 tsunami, Pope John Paul II’s demise, and the 2005 London bombings. Besides, she has worked for Asia Today, HARDtalk. She became The World Today’s presenter in 2006. 

Lucy Hockings

Lucy Hockings

Source: Twitter

She is a University of Auckland graduate in journalism. She belongs to Taranaki, New Zealand.

Lucy Hockings relationship with her husband

Lucy is happily married to her husband whose identity has been kept mysterious. Although she has made sure no any details about her spouse comes out, we caught her Tweets related to him despite the fact that her Twitter is also filled with her professional posts.

Watch Impacts with Lucy Hockings:

A post she made a couple of years ago, where she mentioned her husband, made us believe that the gorgeous lady is actually married. Prior to that, nobody really knew if she had a husband. She posted a photo of a beautifully designed coffee and wrote that her husband made her coffee that morning.


She wrote: “Husband in a patriotic mood when he made me coffee this morning! @CDNOlympicTeam #Sochi2014

Isn’t it interesting?

Does Lucy Hockings have any kids?

Since Lucy hasn’t posted anything related to her kids and there’s no evidence of her being pregnant till date, we can say that the lady doesn’t have any children.

?Lucy Hockings

Lucy Hockings

Source: Alchetron

We believe that Lucy is doing good by keeping her married life away from people and controversies as we have seen a lot of marriages fall and divorced couple due to public interference. There are no records of Lucy Hockings’ other affair and relationships. We believe that she will think of expanding her family with her hubby really soon.