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Home Gossip Is Andy Milonakis married? Know about his affairs and relationship

Is Andy Milonakis married? Know about his affairs and relationship

Alishan Thu Dec, 2016
Is Andy Milonakis married? Know about his affairs and relationship

Andrew Micheal Milonakis, famously known as Andy Milonakis, is an American actor, writer, rapper, and comedian. Andy is best known for creating and starring in The Andy Milonakis Show on MTV and MTV2.

Andy was bullied in school for the way he looked and since he has growth hormone deficiency, he looks and sounds like an adolescent boy even if he is a full grown man. He was constantly teased for this reason. What Andy did next is applaudable. He used comedy as a defense mechanism to cope with bullies. In his jokes, Andrew makes fun of himself.

In an interview in 2005, Milonakis said ”Humor is a great defense mechanism. If you’re a serious, fat, young-looking kid, you’re not going to be the most popular guy in high school.”

Is Andy Milonakis Married?

Andy Milonakis is not married as far as we know. He is still very single and ready to mingle. There is no any information about his affairs or relationship. There has never been a rumor about him dating his co-stars or any celebrities.

We know that Andy hasn’t settled down with anyone and is not thinking about it currently. But he always jokes about marriage and how he cannot wait to get married. On his official Twitter page, he jokingly tweeted that,

“Can’t wait to get married so I can wake up next to some annoying b****h barking orders at me. Sounds like a great time. ”

And from his tweet, it sounds like he doesn’t want to get married at least not right now.

Andy Milonakis may be single right now, but there are a lot of his fans dreaming to get married to him. Who wouldn’t marry a funny man who will never age?


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Andy Milonakis was discovered by Jimmy Kimmel in 2003 after his viral video for “The Super Bowl is Gay”, thinking Milonakis was a child but he was actually 26 at that time. After that, it has been a never-ending journey for him. He started his own show in 2005.

He became a sensation - from his rap music to his hilarious sketches, which has featured guest such as John Stamos at their silliest. The show ended in 2007, but Milonakis has been keeping himself busy doing other projects. He has made a home in millions of people’s heart with his quirky, humorous personality.

After his show ended, the comedian went on to do movies. Even though not all were big blockbusters, he still made a big impact on his roles. He worked on comedy movies like Blonde & Dangerous (2008), Extreme Movie (2008), and Waiting (2005), as well as its sequel, Still Waiting (2009).

Milonakis is currently focusing on making a comeback to Hollywood, after being gone for a while and his fan couldn’t be more excited to see what this funny chap have in store for them.

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