Is Andrew Levy still single or Married? Know about his dating History and Relationship

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This specific name, Andrew Levy is the soul of the Fox News Channel late night show Red Eye. The 50-year old commentator and humorist is thereby not a new name for us. With catching the media focus for his professional life, we feel sad to inform all of you in regards to his personal life.

Well, while talking about celebrities we have got the track record of creating rumors and headlines with their relationships and love affairs. And their marriages are the hot topic on social medias likely to survive for days. But Andrew seems to be the unexpected exception. 

So it's no wonder to think who he has been dating or if he is married? Then, let's try to decode the untold love life of Andrew as possible as it can be with the help of each relevant news here in Frostsnow.

Andrew Levy and His Untold Love Life

Andrew also known with the nick name Andy born on August 11, 1966, works for Fox News from its debut on February 5, 2007. 

The Ombudsman of Fox News Channel late night show Red Eye

The Ombudsman of Fox News Channel late night show Red Eye

Source: Fox News Insider

Though Andrew has always been on top in keeping his personal life low profile in public, we haven't got any news on his love affairs. There aren't any pictures of Andrew with any of his female love on his Twitter account or on any social sites. So, looks like love affair isn't Andrew's cup of tea. He just seems straight forward to his professional life and sees no stop for it.

Also, check out a video of this professionally straight forward man on his ongoing profession.

But no matter how hard one tries to keep his personal life personal enough, there will be something to recall. And the same is the case of Andrew. He, who has kept his personal life to himself was reported to be in a marital relationship with Collin Levey. Yes, there are possibilities that he is a married man. Fair enough for us!

So, let's find out who is Collin Levey and are the two really married or not?

Andrew Levy Married to Collin Levey: Truth or Hoax?

Andrew was married to his girlfriend, Collin, 42, on June 17, 2006, in Chicago as per the New York Times. The reported bride works in the White House as a speechwriter for the U.S. President. 

The reported bride of Andrew Levy who works in the White House as a speechwriter for the U.S. President.

The reported bride of Andrew Levy who works in the White House as a speechwriter for the U.S. President. 

Source: MyHowBook

Though the couple is reported to live a happy married life without any rumors of separation neither of them has given any statements regarding the marriage and their marital life.

Well, we assume both of them wants to keep their personal life and their relationship secret (in case if there is) out of the news and prefer not to make rumors with their love life. Well, guys what do you think about this. Don't forget to have your thoughts.

But if anything goes on you will be informed eventually, till then keep on visiting Frostsnow.