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Home Gossip Is American actress Jennette McCurdy dating anyone?

Is American actress Jennette McCurdy dating anyone?

Monika Wed Apr, 2016
Is American actress Jennette McCurdy dating anyone?

Jennette McCurdy is a famous actress who has been known for her acting endeavors on screen. But is she dating anyone? She has been known for her previous relationships with celebrities, who were talked about hugely by the news tabloids, but is she actually dating anyone right now?

Jennette, who is a beautiful producer, singer, actress, and songwriter, has more often than not been known for her acting skills. As Sam Pucektt on 'ICarly', and as various characters in several series such as 'Zoey 101', 'Malcolm', 'In the Middle', and 'Lincoln Heights', McCurdy has managed to showcase her exceptional acting skills time and again. She has been acting since 2000 and because of her acting endeavors she has managed to earn herself not only a huge net worth but also a stupendous amount of salary at a mere age of 23. The actress, who currently stars in the Netflix series 'Between', has been secretive about her dating life.

Jennette previously had an affair with Graham Patrick Martin. The couple were together for some time before they split. Then the young actress had an affair with Max Ehirch. After their relationship went on for some time, the couple too ended up in a split. Her last relationship is known to have been with basketball player Andre Dummond. The couple were in a relationship for some time before they decided to move in separate directions.

Ever since, Jennette has been hugely surrounded with rumors of dating someone, but as of now, the rumors have not been confirmed. She seems to be single now as there has been no certain information regarding her affair with someone from the acting fraternity. She has not been known to have any other boyfriend. This beauty, although has a height of just 5 feet and 2 inches, has made it big  in Hollywood as she has managed to win the hearts of millions across the world, but somehow her dating skills might have just gone blunt these days.