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Home Gossip Is Allen Payne gay?

Is Allen Payne gay?

Richa Sun Apr, 2016
Is Allen Payne gay?

Allen Payne, who got his fame from 'House of Payne' playing the character of C.J. Payne, is 47 and he has not flashed about his love life openly in the media. This has led to people doubting about his sexuality. He is said to be the father of a child but yet has not revealed the identity of the mother.

According to some of his near people, he is truly in love with his wife whom he got married few years back but he has not been interested in sharing his personal information in the public because he thinks sharing private stuffs among the public will create many unnecessary problems and rumors.

Allen is now doubted in his sexuality and he is thought to be a gay by some quarters. This did not make Allen sad; in fact he is surprised how this rumor got spread. Allen is comparatively successful if his net worth and salary are taken into account. Because of which, he is able to deliver proper life to the family. Even he is spotted with his wife in the public place still he has not introduced her among his fans. Allen is not gay and he is proud to say that.

Allen's social networking pages have massive fan following and he is been liked by many of his fans. Still, he thinks he has a low profile. Allen's hobbies mostly are playing golf in his free time and partying. Allen also has a high collection of novels which he reads quite often in his leisure time.

Even he enjoys time with his kid who he regards as his life. Allen's pictures on Instagram are reflective about his life where it seems he enjoys travelling a lot with his friends. He is very balanced person in regard to his professional career and love life.