Is Actress Jennie Garth Happy With Dave Abrams After Unsuccessful Marriages In The Past?

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We hear or encounter a lot of stories related to marriage and divorces. It is quite strange that people become judgmental quickly when it comes to failed marriages. In fact, the person who faces failures in marriages starts doubting themselves. However, it is quite opposite in the case of Dave Abrams’ wife Jennie Garth as he is her third husband.

Dave and Jennie’s married life is going well without any hints of divorce. Although they don’t have any children yet, they might have some in the future. Keep reading to get the details:

Dave Abrams and Jennie Garth wedding

It is hard to believe that the fall of 2014 made actor Dave to meet Jennie on a blind date. After having a whirlwind romance for 6 months, they got engaged in April 2015. 2015’s July saw Dave and Jennie’s wedding which was mesmerizing.

Jennie Garth with husband David Abrams on their wedding

Jennie Garth with husband David Abrams on their wedding

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They tied the knot on July 11 at Garth’s ranch located in Los Olivos, California. Their wedding ceremony was beautiful and it was attended by their close friends and family. 

Jennie Garth has married two times in the past

Jennie has been married once to musician Daniel B. Clarkactor in 1994 and once to actor Peter Facinelli in 2001, however, it didn’t really affect her self-esteem or her relationship with her current husband.  In an interview, she said:

“I’ve been married twice before, but it’s never like this, and we’re really happy. The first two marriages were great in their own ways, but this one I just lucked out to be able to be so happy and to really realize that kind of love.”

Jennie Garth Gets Married! Star Ties the Knot with David Abrams:

Jennie has three children, Luca, 19, Lola, 14 and Fiona, 10, from her previous marriages. Yet, her beau blends in with her daughters pretty well. In fact, Jennie revealed that all of her girls are crazy about Dave a s he has really strong relationships with each of them individually.

Is age creating issues between Jennie Garth and husband Dave Abrams?

The 90s dive has a difference of 9 years with Dave.  Although it hasn’t affected their relationship in any way, she doesn’t want to look older than her beau in any way. Have a look at what she says as reported by Daily mail:

'I'm married to a much younger man, and I want to stay looking good for him as long as possible.'


Even though Dave and Jennie have been married for 2 years already, the love between them doesn’t seem to have gotten less. We suppose that it will keep on increasing in coming years as well.