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Home Gossip Is Actress Anne Curtis Engaged? Know about her Boyfriend.

Is Actress Anne Curtis Engaged? Know about her Boyfriend.

Jharna Prasai Fri Dec, 2016
Is Actress Anne Curtis Engaged? Know about her Boyfriend.

                      Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith is a Filipino-Australian actress, VJ, recording artist, Television Host.  She is the sister of Jasmine Curtis-Smith who is also an actor. Anne started her career as TV actress. Her performance was very impressive that she got a breakthrough in Hollywood movie the Magic Kingdom. She was able to achieve a huge number of awards like Best Tv personality by her great performance.

Filipino actress Anne is now engaged with food blogger and restaurateur Erwan Heussaff, her long term boyfriend. It’s already been six years they are together, they have confirmed to be marrying soon. Anne’s ex-boyfriends are Oyo Boy Sotto, Richard Gutierrez, Paolo Araneta and Sam Milby.

Anne and her current boyfriend: Erwan Heussaff-

                     After coming over the breakup Anne with her formal boyfriend Sam, Anne, and Erwan finally dated in 2010. Besides being Anne’s boyfriend, Erwan is a YouTube star, food blogger, and restaurateur.  In May 2014 there was a rumor of break up between this couple but they proved it was totally a false rumor when they got engaged in October 2014.

Erwan and Anne’s sister viral photos-

                         Jasmine Curtis Smith is the small sister of Anne who was once questioned that she was cheating her sister by getting close to Erwan. On January 26, 2016, Jasmine posted a video of her and Anne’s boyfriend getting comfortable with each other in snap chat. This was the big issue among the media and Anne’s fan but her normal reaction shocked the media. Anne said that she is happy that Erwan treats Jasmine as his own sister.


Anne and Erwan are engaged-

                On Saturday, December 17, 2016, Anne and Erwan announced their engagement. Anne shared a six-minute video of the “most memorable trip of my life”. It is the video of Heussaff proposing Anne for marriage.

Erwan proposing Anne


31 years old Anne is now engaged with Erwan and she has she will soon get married by the time she turns 34 years old. 

Anne and Her Ex- boyfriends-

                         Anne’s love life is always in the air. Before dating her current boyfriend,  Erwan she dated four other boys.

 Anne and Oyo Boy Sotto-

                           Oyo is Anna’s first boyfriend; Anna was only 16 years old when Oyo became her boyfriend. Their relationship lasted for two years. They both were teen stars on GMA-7. Anne mother did not like Oyo but Jasmine said that Oyo was the closet of her among Anne’s boyfriends.

Richard Gutierrez and Paolo Araneta-

                            Anne and Richard dated for a year in 2004. They both used to work in Kapuso Network.  Anne’s ex-boyfriend: Paolo Araneta is not quite well known to us. They split in the year 2006 after their two years of relationship.

Sam Milby-

                  Anne confessed that it was the decision of singer-actor Sam Milby to end their relationship. They were together for four years. Anne said that it was a very tough decision to break up with Sam and still has feeling for Sam. In the press conference of Green Rose, she said that Sam was his greatest love. She loved him so much. Sam and Anne have seen together in their first movie ‘Babe I Love You’ in April 2010.


Anne and Sam