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Home Gossip Is Actor John Gammon secretly dating someone? Find out his affairs and relationship

Is Actor John Gammon secretly dating someone? Find out his affairs and relationship

Ashmita Karki Sat Jan, 2017
Is Actor John Gammon secretly dating someone? Find out his affairs and relationship

'Jax in Love’ star John Gammon is a renowned actor who is enriched with good looks and talent. Famed for his on-screen matchup with Eden Sher in The Middle, John, unlike his professional career keeps his personal life undercover.

John Gammon, despite his alluring body and dashing looks, is alleged to be single. But, it's hard to believe this handsome hunk is single.  But he does admit his relationship with ex-girlfriends whom he never introduced to fans. So, is this the same at this time, is he dating secretly? Let's know.

Is John Gammon Dating Secretly? Mysterious Affair

Gammon’s acting talent is praiseworthy. He shares strong chemistry with his co-stars on-screen. However, Gammon doesn’t have any off-screen affairs that we know of. As of 2018, John Gammon has put curtains over his love life and relationship, stating him in the top list of 'single' handsome celebrities.

Even though, he is a low key person, Gammon's passionate love can be seen on-screen as he shared some goosebumps giving moments in The Middle with co-star Eden Sher.

Image: still from The Middle: 'The Wind Chimes'

Image:  John Gammon kissing his The Middle Co-star


Well, after the kissing scene with Eden, John Gammon and Eden were linked to each other and were alleged to be dating off-screen as well. However, no news ever came into existence.

Though, fans still are not convinced as both of them tags themselves as single. The on-screen duos are gossiped to be in a relationship secretly.

Probability is high, but none of them admitted their relationship ever. Let's hope the truth of their dating rumors and John's relationship status will be officialized soon.

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Is John Gammon a Gay?

Gammon appears to be a very mysterious person as he shares very less information about his personal life. And the allegation of John being a gay can't be denied as he has not flashed up his personal life. 

But wait! Without a proof, no rumors get a place to stick in. Even more, no authorized revelation on his sexuality is out.

Image: John Gammon

Image: John Gammon


Even the critics question Gammon’s sexual preference, Gammon hasn’t spoken anything regarding this matter. Probably, he is trying out his silence as a weapon to defeat rumors.

Furthermore, his records of past affairs have worked a shield for him, let's say gay rumors anti-dote.

John Gammon Tweets About Ex-girlfriends

Time and again Gammon Tweets about having a girlfriend but, there’s no strong evidence to prove that Gammon is saying the truth or not.

When you look at his good looks and charm, he could have dated many gorgeous ladies in the past.

Image: John Gammon

Image: John Gammon


On 26th April 2014, Gammon revealed that dating ‘richgirls’ is the best as he can just massage their shoulders and they pay the check. Interesting isn’t it? Have a look at the tweet.

However, many years have passed but Gammon was never spotted with any lady which we can term as his official girlfriend. 

Probably many of us are getting excited to see if he do makes some romantic appearances in the near future while some girl fans keep on finger crossed!

John Gammon lady fans

As an actor, Gammon is successful in leaving a strong impression in women’s heart. He has many female fans, followers, and admirers from all around the globe.

His lady fans must be happy with the fact that he is still single but, he might break their heart if he comes out as a gay. Whatever it is, he surely is an independent man and can obviously think for himself.

Image: John Gammon

Image: John Gammon


It's still a possibility that Gammon has not found the perfect girl for himself and is waiting for his perfect companion. For now, all we can do is just wait for the good-looking Gammon to bring us some amazing news of his relationship and wedding( don't lose hope ladies even if he does).

Let's wait for the day and stay tuned for more updates.