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Home Gossip Is 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer a gay? is he have girlfriend?

Is 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer a gay? is he have girlfriend?

Shristy Nepal Tue Feb, 2016
Is 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer a gay? is he have girlfriend?

Isn’t too coincidental that the funny and hot ones are either gay or taken? But Jack Mcbrayer here seems to spin the wheel of coincidence to a different level. Born May 27th, 1973 Jack Mcbrayer who is best known for his hilarious character of Kenneth Parcel in hit TV sitcom 30 Rock is being questioned on either gay or asexual.

As with Jack Mcbrayer Mr nice is just not a character. From Wreck it Ralph fixer hero "Fix it Felix" to the innocent guy "Kenneth Parcel" in 30 rock show Jack proves it all. After being sweet and hilarious Jack not dating any man or woman is raising a lot of eyebrows. Finding Jack in social sites is difficult than finding "Nemo". This very reason is creating a debate about him being asexual. MR big toothy smile Jack who can hardly hide his smile allegedly has kept his love life exceptionally secret from the media and his fans.

"I am a real good sex person" quoted by Jack in 30 Rock seems more of sarcasm in his off screen real life. Even his co-stars in 30 Rock show seem unfamiliar to any of his dates. One of the top notch comedians Jack is credited extra for his appearance in Mariah Carey's song "Touch My Body”. The computer nerd portrayed by Jack dreams of being extra cozy with the singer Mariah. On screen Jack seems able to pull of any stunt but off screen the stud seems to have no interest in being a romantic lover of any kind.
Without any facts or his self confession it’s hard to put a finger on it. Jack being such a great comedian I think it’s hardly any problem to get a date with his charm. Yet seeing him in no touch with the fantasy land is breaking his fans' heart.
Happiness is where your heart is so, if supposedly Jack is asexual and still proud of it, then he should embrace it fully. Well for us fans we support you with the same love beyond your sexuality.