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Home Gossip Irish Youtube Personality Jacksepticeye's Net Worth and Earnings: An Overview on His Net Worth

Irish Youtube Personality Jacksepticeye's Net Worth and Earnings: An Overview on His Net Worth

Blueprince Tue Aug, 2018
Irish Youtube Personality Jacksepticeye's Net Worth and Earnings: An Overview on His Net Worth

Sean William McLoughlin, or Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, who is well known for his commentary in Let's Play, a video documenting the playthrough of a video game. His energetic video-game commentatory involves the use of a lot of abusive words.

Jacksepticeye is one of the most influential YouTuber in the world. He has managed to gather a sizeable net worth for himself out of the profession. The article below deals with the YouTube personality's earnings and net worth.

Jackseptice's Net Worth: $9 million

As of June 2018, Jacksepticeye's net worth is estimated to be $9 million, and he has earned it all through the success of his Youtube channel, where he uploads informative gaming videos.

Earnings From YouTube

Jackspeticeye has 20,163,098 subscribers on YouTube. His monthly earnings from YoouTube is estimated to be about $38.4K - $613.8K which rounds up to his yearly earning to be around $460.3K - $7.4 million.

He earns around $10,000 daily from the Youtube ads on his channel. All these have resulted in his everyday rising net worth.

Charity Works

McLoughlin has also been part of Revelmode's charity group #Cringemas since December 2016 where they raised over $1.3 million. Likewise, in December 2017, he took part in two other charity streams where they raised over $260,000 for Save The Children campaign.

CAPTION: Jacksepticeye
SOURCE: thefamouspeople

He also started his own charity campaign in January 2018, where he hosted live streams for American Foundation for Suicide prevention in which he raised $225,000.

He also helped raise $110,00 for Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, $15,000 for GameChanger, and $150,00 for AbleGamers.

Although these raised funds have nothing to do with his net worth, it has undeniably helped in his honor.

Jacksepticeye's Career

Early career

Sean William first joined YouTube earlier on February 24, 2007, but hadn't started uploading videos until November 24, 2007.  

CAPTION: Jacksepticeye in one of his gameplays
SOURCE: naibuzz

His popularity skyrocketed from 2500 subscribers to 15,000 when he was mentioned in a video by PewDiePie in 2013. By the end of July 2014, his channel had more than 57 million views, and 800,000 subscribers

Similarly, by February 2015, he had over 3.2 million subscribers and 1 billion views. His channel has been listed at the 31st position as the most subscribed channels. Well, in a long run, the massive subscription on his channel has highly benefitted his net worth.

The Irish YouTube personality was amongst the first YouTubers to be signed to Revelmode, PewDiepie's network.

His Career At Present

After the success of his channel, Jacksepticeye was approached by a lot of big companies to work with him. Polaris, a division of The Walt Disney Company announced in June 2017 that McLoughlin would be featured on D | XP of Disney XD.

Jacksepticeye and  Strawburry17 also hosted the Level Up! games at D23 Expo 2017. Then in July 2017, it was announced that Jacksepticeye would be a playable character in a strategy prison-escape gamed called The Escapists 2

In September-October 2017, he was a part of How Did Get We Here tour in the United States. He also went on to tour Europe and Uk with the Game Grumps.

Recently in January 2018, there was an announcement that stated McLoughlin would be producing for Twitch while working under Disney's Digital Network. In May 2018, The Irish YouTube star uploaded a video of him playing the Deadpool video with Ryan Reynolds.


After being signed to Revelmode in 2016, Saen William co-starred with PewDiePie in the YouTube Red show Scare PewDiePie. The web series was planned to be aired on 9 March 2017 but was canceled due to controversies related to PewDiePie, who is being honored for being the most subscribed user, for his anti-jew imagery.

McLoughlin released a video on YouTube titled Lets talk! on 18 February 2017 where he discusses PewDiePie being cut from the studios. He clarifies that even though he had tweeted in support of the YouTuber, he still did not approve of his actions and believed that he should have been more apologetic.

It was the confirmed that the Revelmode network was officially closed by Disney and that Jacksepticeye, who is in relation with Signe Hansen, is signed to that company which has raised a lot of question against the YouTuber.

Well, this is all about his career and net worth at present, and we will back with more updates in the future.