Iris Apatow's Refined Acting Skill And Love Life Are Major Curiosities, Know If She Is Dating?

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    The youngest daughter of the comedic duo Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, Iris Apatow seems to have mastered the art of acting in comedy at an early age. Inheriting qualities from both her accomplished parents, Apatow has inspired a lot of her demographic into acting. Only of age 15, the American actress is best known for her role as Arya in the Netflix series Love. 

    Her impressive image on screen probably has caught the eye of many boys. Let's investigate her love-life and shed some light on her relationships.

    Does Iris Have A Boyfriend? Her Love Affairs & Relationships

    Currently, Iris doesn't seem to be dating anyone. Not much information is there about her love-life. She also made fun of National Boyfriend Day by photoshopping her photo into celebrities which might show that she has celebrity crushes. This might also mean that she is not interested in dating right now.

    Iris Apatow photoshop with Chris Hemsworth

    Iris Apatow's Photoshop Skills
    Source: Daily Mail

    Either she is not interested in dating or she hasn't found her knight in shining armor. Regardless of the case, this is surely a happy news for many people out there. 

    What are her Appealing Qualities?: Her Career in Movies and TV

    As a child actor, Iris Apatow made her debut in the movie Knocked Up, which was produced and directed by her father Judd, alongside her sister Maude Apatow and mother Leslie Mann. in 2012, she played the role of Charlotte in the spin-off sequel of Knocked Up, This is 40.

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    Before that, she was a part of the 2009 movie Funny People. Her acting in these movies was impeccable. She also appeared as the voice actress of Berry Good Candies in the 2016 movie Sausage Party. She has also appeared in Spendtime Palace music video Sonora.

    Iris Apatow in the Spendtime Palace's Sonora

    Iris Apatow in Sonora
    Source: Pinterest

    Apatow also has been appearing as Arya Hopkins in the Netflix series Love since 2016. This role has earned her a ton of praise. Many people claim that she is as beautiful as her Mom and her acting is spotless. 

    Her Personal Life: Things That She Likes

    From her online activity, Iris seems like a chill person. She is humble and always appreciates a good meme. She claims to be a big fan of Destiny's Child and is scared to crack jokes about her parents. Like her parents, she has a hilarious sense of humor which is shown on her Instagram account.


    A piece of toast and it's disturbed daughter.

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    She likes to stay humble and loves animals. She often posts photos of herself with several of her dogs. She also loves makeup.