Instagram Model Abigail Ratchford Opens Up about her new Basketball Player Boyfriend Klay Thompson

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Instagram sensation Abigail Ratchford has been linked with many athletes in the past. Yet, this time it is something spicier. The hot babe has openly revealed her sexual affection for one of the best player in the NBA. If you are wondering who her new babe is then here's your answer: Klay Thompson.

Yes, the model revealed some secret about her affair with her basketball boyfriend. Wanna know what it is? Keep reading:

Abigail Ratchford had the best sex with Klay Thompson

A few weeks ago Abigail posted a photo of a cute pooch on her Instagram story. It wouldn’t interest us so much if we didn’t know that the dog Rocco is none other than Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson’s dog. Luckily, we know it and so does other fans of Klay.

Apart from the dog's picture, she also posted a photo of basketball on the countertop along but the caption of the photo accumulated a lot of attention. She wrote, ‘That was the best I’ve slept in a year’ as well as an emoji of an angel. Seems pretty evident she wanted her 8 million followers to know Klay put her to sleep.

Abigail Ratchford and alleged lover Klay Thompson

Abigail Ratchford and alleged lover Klay Thompson

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Abigail could have kept it within herself but she chose to let her 8million followers know that Klay got on her pants.

She was also interviewed by NY post where she expressed that she should have obeyed her manager to not put her relationship out there as it is a bad business move. She also disclosed the reason behind it as she said:

“You kind of have to pretend you’re single, just so [your fans] can have the fantasy of having a chance with you.”

Are Abigail Ratchford and Klay Thompson dating for real?

Although the news is getting viral on the internet right now, we are kind of surprised that Klay is totally silent about it. Neither he nor his representative has addressed Abigail’s words which somewhat tells us that her words are true.

Abigail Ratchford and alleged lover Klay Thompson

Abigail Ratchford and alleged lover Klay Thompson

Source: NY post

Before Klay, Abigail was in a relationship with Interscope Records co-founder’s son Jamie Lovine. The love affair between them was quite known as she used to post a lot of photos with her former beau.

When they broke up, Abigail kind of learned a lesson. After the split, she said that she made a mistake by making her relationship really public with pictures of them all over Instagram.

Watch the guy who dumped Abigail Ratchford:

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Looks like Abigail will not be posting any photos with Klay on her Instagram if they are dating for real. However, we expect Klay to do that anyway. Yet, we cannot be sure if the news is true or just a publicity stunt.