In Front of The Camera: Top Celebrities Who Vape E-cigarettes

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You’re not alone when it comes to puffing on your electronic cigarette. A good number of actors, singers, and other celebrities have taken up vaping. Some may think that it’s just pure marketing – celebs get paid for using e-cigarettes. But when we see someone vaping in their everyday lives, we understand that they really like it. As vapers, they can be divided into several groups depending on the reasons they use electronic smoking devices.   

Ex-smokers who have chosen vaping as a quitting method

Leonardo DiCaprio used to be an avid smoker. Now he vapes with the same avidity and is caught with an e-cig quite often. Now he’s probably the most famous vaper in the world. The Oscar-winning actor is inseparable with his best vape and takes it everywhere he goes, be it SAG’s Awards or a beach.

If Leo is the number 1 male vapor among celebs, then Heigl leads the female vaping community. The actress was the first to speak candidly about her new habit and using a vape pen publicly during her appearance on David Letterman in 2010.

Katy Perry was also a heavy smoker. The singer is one of the first celebs who was spotted vaping. A famous photo of her using her vaporizer while celebrating The Labor Day in 2011 became viral on vaping sites. Katy Perry is one of the biggest hit-makers in the music business. Perhaps, that gives her a privilege to vape at the ceremonies like the Golden Globe.

We don’t know if Jonny Depp vaped before “The Tourist” where he did it in a scene in the train, but after that, he has been regularly spotted vaping. 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star makes everything he does look cool and sophisticated. So, if anyone can encourage you to drop traditional smoking, it’s Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

81-year-old Jack Nicholson proves that vaping isn’t only for the twenty-somethings. The legendary actor who gave us masterpieces like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or The Shining had smoked for many years. We saw him with an e-cig while he was leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant and communicating with fans, and while cheering on Los Angeles Lakers with his son.

Sienna Miller used to think that “the more positive approach you have to smoking, the less harmful it is.” Now, the actress is more health conscious. Perhaps, having kids forced her to break her nicotine addiction and switch to vaping. The style icon has been photographed with her e-cigarette in everyday life. Miller even took it to the Golden Globes in 2015.

Innovative good vapes can be an effective tool for smoking cessation. A report published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) claims that those who use e-cigs are more likely to successfully quit smoking than those who don’t. The researchers link the substantial increase in vaping among US adult smokers with a significant increase in the smoking cessation rate.

Vapers that like cloud-chasing

Cloud-chasing is the latest craze in the vaping world. It can be explained as stunt vaping since the goal is to do tricks as you blow large clouds of vapor.

When Drake posted a photo where there was some gadget that resembled a box mod vape, his Instagram followers started discussing whether it was his device. When he invited the “Vape God” who taught him a few cloud-chasing tricks, the question has been cleared up for everyone – Drake is a vaper.   

Kylie Jenner, an owner of the super-profitable beauty business, likes to demonstrate her life in social media. Millions of her followers could see two videos in Snapchat where she used a glam-looking vape device. In one of the videos, a self-made billionaire was sitting in her luxury car and vaping like a pro. “Vape life dogggg” was the message. In the second video, she and her friend were blowing vapor rings.

Marijuana lovers that prefer vaporizers to joints

Snoop Dogg never hide his love for weed. While we don’t know what is in the vape mod kits of the majority of stars, we can say for sure that Snoop Dogg prefers herbs. A hip-hop legend released a signature accessory for his fans looking for an alternative way to smoke marijuana – a dry herb vaporizer.  In 2013, Snoop even presented Conan O’Brien his product at the late night show.

“So what we smoke weed?” This line from the song by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg tells us everything we need to know about their attitude to marijuana. Maybe we’ll soon hear something like “So what we vape weed?” as Wiz made the same thing as his bro and launched a new dry herb vaporizer.

Hip-hop artists turned out to be the savviest entrepreneurs when it came to vaping. A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross, and The Weeknd followed the example of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa and also launched their limited lines of vaporizers. Soulja Boy and Birdman released their lines of e-juices.

Celebs that have chosen vaporizers to consume medical marijuana

Vaping marijuana is better than smoking it. Now Whoopi Goldberg knows this. In her first-person essay for the weed advocacy site, The Cannabist, she writes that vaporizing TCH oil provides relief from her glaucoma-related headaches.

The comedienne calls her device “my sippy pen”. She tells the readers that she’s not looking for getting high, but wants to be pain-free.

Her first vape box mod was a gift from a daughter. It turned out to be a more comfortable way of consuming medical marijuana. It didn’t annoy the lungs. And the vape pen gave more control over how much THC she ingested.

We all know that trends usually become more popular when they catch on with big names in Hollywood. Celebrities helped to increase public knowledge of the e-cigarette industry. We know that vape can help people quit and that it’s a healthier option than smoking. But that doesn’t mean that you should copy someone and start doing the same things. If you live a great life without smoking or vaping, then you simply don’t need that.