Iggy Azalea Knew about Demi Lovato's Relapse; Reveals She is proud of her

Updated On 12 Jul, 2018 Published On

The Fancy singer, Iggy Azalea admits that she knew about the No Promises singer Demi Lovato's relapse and said that she was proud of her for coming out of such mess. 

The news of Demi Lovato's relapse only came out to the public in June but, it turns out that the rapper already knew about the news before it even went viral. 

The 28 years' old, Azalea who was in a relationship with Nick Young told the Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, June 10 that she had already known about the deterioration of Lovato, who is currently dating the fighter, Guilherme Vasconcelos

She also told the media outlet that she wanted Demi herself to tell people that she was going through a lot. She further added that she was worried a lot as somebody would use her relapsing period negatively against her. 

It's not my business to say to my friend, 'You need to fess up' But, as a friend, you worry and yor're like, 'Oh, my God, my friend, she has this thing that people can use against her and I really want her to own it.' And she did!

Azalea took to her Twitter profile to reveal that she was proud of the Sorry Not Sorry singer for coming out to the world and sharing the difficult time with everyone by and by the release of her new single Sober

Im proud of you for having the guts to reveal your truth to the world again. NOT. EASY.

She also added that, she was there for her friend and that Demi would choose recovery again. 

All of us who love you only want to see you happy and healthy

Iggy also told the Entertainment Tonight that she was proud of Demi because she was honest with herself. She also stated that she was "very proud" of her to see her write the song and put it out. 

It seems Iggy is not the only one supporting Demi. Their friendship goes both ways as some while back, Lovato was also seen supporting and inspiring her to accept help following her mental health. 

Meanwhile, Lovato is thankful to her fans for their support during her difficult time. 

Let's hope she gets well soon!