Hurricane Irma turns deadly,a threat to lives around: UPDATES

Updated On 11 Sep, 2017 Published On

Hurricane Irma became a threat after it hit  Florida on early Sunday following landfall on Cudjoe key in lower Florida with constant winds of 130 mph.

As a powerful Category 4 storm, Irma hit the area. The hurricane was expected to be dangerous as it moved through the Florida Keys and near the state's west coast as said by The U.S National Hurricane Center.

Irma recovered strength as its eyewall reached the lower Florida Keys early Sunday. A crucial shift in its trajectory was tracked by forecasters a few miles to the west. Further, the forecasters also reported that the hurricane might influence the southwest Florida coast and the Gulf water.

Across 10 Caribbean countries and territories, at least 28 people died due to the devastating Irma.

In the state, there are more than 3.4 million homes without power and with parts of the city of Miami under water.

President Donald Trump describing hurricane as a "Big monster" has approved a major disaster declaration and emergency federal aid for Florida.

While the authorities urged people to stay inside until the storm passes.

The city of Miami Beach tweeted, "Due to extreme sustained winds rescue teams are no longer able to respond. Stay inside and Stay safe until the storm has passed"

Well, we wish this tragedy will end soon.