How Successful Is Michael B. Jordan? His Career Struggles, Net Worth & Awards

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    Michael Bakari Jordan, a.k.a. Michael B. Jordan, is an American actor, and he has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of 2018. The actor is best known for his portrayal of N'Jadaka in 2018 hit film Black Panther, also starring Chadwick Boseman, and Lupita Nyong'o. Likewise, the actor is also recognized for his role of Oscar Grant in 2013 film Fruitvale Station.  

    Born on 9th Feb 1987, the 31-year-old has been acting since 1999 and is among the most talked-about actors in the industry, all thanks to Black Panther. From making an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday to numerous interviews, the actor indeed has become very famous mainly for his ripped body. 

    Michael B. Jordan

    Michael B. Jordan

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    Today, we are going to share some details about the actor's net worth, salary, career, and awards. 

    Michael B. Jordan net worth and salary

    As of 2018, Jordan whose name matches with NBA star Michael Jordan has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Just a few years back in 2015, the actor's estimated net worth was just $1 million. An increment of staggering $7 million in the span of 4 years is quite impressive and shows that the actor has the potential to go even further in the game. 

    The actor is reported to earn a massive $2 million per annum for his work in films and TV shows. He is also claimed to earn $4,100 per day. 


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    Meanwhile, his salary for Black Panther differs per sources. Some claim that his salary was in millions while others claim that he was paid hundred thousand dollars. Nonetheless, we are sure that the actor has gained a hefty sum from Marvels for the role, not only because of stunning acting but also because Black Panther was a massive hit. 

    Likewise, some of his earnings from films like The Fantastic Four, Pretenders, Chronicle and Triple Nine are $174,852, $81,169, $63,131, and $142,045 respectively. He is also reported to have made a jaw-dropping $1.5 million for his role as Adonis Creed in 2016 film Creed, which has a box office earning of $170 million. 


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    Having such a massive net worth and earnings, he is not the kind to just stack those cash in the bank. On 7th March 2018, the actor decided to pay for a fan named Sophia's retainers after her orthodontist shared that she had snapped the wire on her retainers while she watched Jordan take his shirt off in Black Panther. According to the doctor, she clenched her teeth so hard that she snapped them. 

    In a tweet, the actor shared that he felt he was responsible for the breaking. So, he openly offered to replace them. MBJ is a good man indeed. 

    Moving on from his good deeds, the actor is also reported to earn thousands of dollars through endorsement deals and sponsorships. 

    Michael B. Jordan properties

    While Jordan appeared on the 60th birthday special show of Ellen, he shared that he was living in a house with his parents.

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