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Home Gossip How rich is Sean Hannity exactly? A lot more than you think!

How rich is Sean Hannity exactly? A lot more than you think!

Jharna Prasai Tue Apr, 2016
How rich is Sean Hannity exactly? A lot more than you think!

Well, well, well, Sean Hannitys popularity is reaching to the top of the world. This handsome hunk being a radio host and author is also conservative political commentator as his professional identification. Sean again came into highlights when he interviewed President Trump and even visited the oval office.

While Sean was joining Fox News Channel, he was not much sure whether he will be granting high success in his professional life or not. But that made him change his perception as soon as he started boosting up his confidence with his progressive professional fame and interestingly by now he is able to grant jaw-dropping amount of net worth.

Can you guess his net worth? If not then we are going to provide you with all the details. So, read the full article to know all about his net worth.

What's the net worth of Sean Hannity?

According to Sean working as a host within The Sean Hannity Show, he was able to grow up with more maturity in his career. And due to all the career success, Anchor Sean Hannity has the net worth of $80 million.

Sean Hannity not only the one who is liable for his great earnings, according to him his former communist spouse Jill Rhodes is also working aside supporting him.

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As soon as got married to Jill Rhodes Hannity he stated his life got totally changed and for him, his wife is the lucky charm to grab more opportunity and success in career.

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Instagram: Sean with the President Donald Trump and Melania Trump


Melania Trump and @realdonaldtrump during a very special #Hannity tonight in #Wisconsin.

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Well, with a career at the top notch, he is living a luxurious life. Keep on scrolling to know about his lavish lifestyle.

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Sean Hannity houses

Until 2014, Sean owned an exotic mansion in Lloyd Neck, New York but not used to live there. In the July of 2003, he bought this mansion worth $3,450,000. At the beginning, Sean and his family used to live in the house but later on, the family left the house and kept the house worth $3,600,000.

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House of Sean Hannity in Lloyd Neck, New York

Source: Variety

It was a beautiful house that covered an area of 4,824 square feet, which had 4 bedrooms along with 5 full and 1 half bathroom.

After leaving the previous mansion, Sean and his wife along with his children, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly live in a much larger and more expensive mansion in Oyster Bay, New York. The house where Hannity lives in is worth $8.5 million.

 House of Sean in Oyster Bay, New York . Sean and Jill along with their wife live in this mansion.

Source: Variety

His11,000-plus square foot mansion has 7 bedrooms, 7.5  bathrooms. Besides all the beautiful and decorative rooms it also has fireplaces, swimming pool, tennis court, and about 500 feet of direct frontage on West Harbor.

Sean net worth is increasing and pays a huge amount of tax

Each year, Sean's net worth and salary are increasing rapidly. In 2014 his net worth was $30 million and by the end of the year 2016, his net worth was increased to above $70 million. 

In 2004, he signed a five-year contract extension with ABC Radio worth $25 million. In 2008, Hannity signed a $100 million five-year contract with Citadel Communications.

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Isn't that interesting? You'll be more surprised to know that Hannity generally pays $56,989 as annual property taxes. No wonder Sean has such huge net worth.