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Home Gossip How rich is Lisa Marie Joyner? Know about her net worth and salary

How rich is Lisa Marie Joyner? Know about her net worth and salary

abhilasha Sun Dec, 2016
How rich is Lisa Marie Joyner? Know about her net worth and salary

Lisa Marie Joyner is an American entertainment reporter, television host and actor who also enjoy a successful television career with a high salary and net worth. She is involved in many fields that help her grow her income higher. Lisa is a very brilliant television presenter, her famous show ABC news series 'Find My Family' is loves by many people. Her work and effort that she put on the show are absolutely amazing and heart taking.  Apart from the show, she does she is also involved in acting, till now she has done many movies for which she is very much loved.

Lisa Marie Joyner born on 31 December Top of Form1966 is said to be an adopted one. As being an adopted child she and her husband Jon Cryer adopted a baby girl and named her Daisy. Lisa was successful to find her birth family in her 30s. She was very much overwhelmed with the reunion with her biological parents. Later along with Tim Green, she hosted the US version of 'Find My Family' on the ABC network where they reunite adoptees with their birth families. Afterwards, she started to co-host 'Long Lost Family' with Chris Jacobs on TLC from March 2016.

Lisa Marie Joyner

Lisa Marie Joyner's net worth, salary and career



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Lisa Marie started her work by being the celebrity reporter in the Los Angeles area for KKTV and KCBS-TV. After many days of hard work, she finally got national recognition for her InFANity segments on the TV Guide Network. Besides her reporting and co-hosting career, she has also done movies like Next in 2007, Sexiest Bachelor in America Pageant 2000 and so on. Then she started to co-host 'Find My Family' and later 'Long Lost Family'.


So after many works she does how can anyone's net worth come in minimal amount. Can you guess it, how much can Lisa Marie Joyner salary and net worth be?

Okay, we will tell you, Lisa Marie Joyner net worth is $4, Million.  According to the site Celebrity net worth, it has mentioned that the source of Lisa's net worth is a number of credible sources and websites. They may be few factor that can effect celebrity's net worth which can be taxes, management fees, investment gains or losses, marriage, divorce, and much more.

Lisa Marie Joyner and her husband Jon Cryer

However, the estimated net worth is Lisa is true for sure. As the shows that she hosts and movies that she does can be added to the net worth she has. Lisa Marie Joyner is married to Jon Cryer who also have a great source of income and a god amount of salary and net worth. Jon is the famous American actor, screenwriter, television director and film producer. Husband Jon Cryer is very much famous for his role he played as Alan Harper on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.