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Home Gossip How Much Was The American Pitcher Jose Fernandez's Net Worth? His Overall Income And Properties

How Much Was The American Pitcher Jose Fernandez's Net Worth? His Overall Income And Properties

Nisha Bohara Wed Aug, 2018
How Much Was The American Pitcher Jose Fernandez's Net Worth? His Overall Income And Properties

Jose Delfin Fernandez Gomez, a.k.a. Jose Fernandez, was a Cuban-American professional baseball pitcher. He was also known by the nickname Nino among his teammates and fans.

Jose, who died at the age of 24 on September 25, 2016, used to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the American professional baseball team Miami Marlins. Want to find out about Jose’s net worth and salary he earned from his career as a baseball pitcher. If yes, then we will help you to find it out in this section.

Jose Fernandez’s Net Worth and Salary

Cuban-American professional baseball pitcher was worth $3 million before his death in 2016. Jose was involved in Major League Baseball from the year 2013 till his death in 2016


There are not much information regarding Gomez's salary and earnings but the top players of Major League tend to receive $25 million per year.

As Gomez was one of the professional baseball pitchers of Miami Marlins. In the year 2011, Gomez received $2 million as a signing amount from the Miami Marlins. He appeared in 38 professional games with the team.


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Jose Fernandez was one of the most professional baseball pitchers. Jose, who died due to a boat accident on September 25, 2016, appeared in 38 professional games for Miami Marlins. On the day of his death, Marlins canceled their game and scheduled it on the next day for honoring him.

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Jose Fernandez Houses: Sued By Court?

The late baseball pitcher previously had a house in Miami. Jose purchased his Miami house in the year 2014 for $680,000. The house is spread in an area of 3,598 sq.ft and consists of 3 bedroom and 3 bathrooms.

But unfortunately, after his death, the court had to sue his house for the foreclosure of his boat accident which left him and his other two friends to death.

CAPTION: Jose Fernandez's Miami House
SOURCE: the blast

According to sources, Fernandez was drunk, high on cocaine and racing along at the speed of 65 miles per hour. Due to this, his boat crashed into the rocks at the mouth of Miami's Government Cut inlet resulting in his death along with his two other friends  Emilio Macias,27, and Eduardo Rivero,25.

        Youtube: Jose Fernandez's Dies in Boat Accident

Due to this, the families of both men sued Fernandez for an amount of $2 million each. Unfortunately, the court also had to sue Jose mother's big gated home off Bird Road in Southwest Miami-Dade. A big tragedy for Jose’s family after his death.