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Home Gossip American Actor Tony Cox Career and Struggles: How Much Is His Net Worth?

American Actor Tony Cox Career and Struggles: How Much Is His Net Worth?

Kurt Tue Jul, 2018
American Actor Tony Cox Career and Struggles: How Much Is His Net Worth?

Joseph Anthony Cox, better known as Tony Cox, is an American actor and is highly appreciated for his acting skills. Mostly portraying characters in comedy movies, Tony Cox is a prime example that height does not have anything to do with your skill. Tony suffers from dwarfism, but he has not let his height stop pursuing his passion or be successful.

Tony has starred in many movies since his debut and made a living out of acting. Tony has earned quite well from his profession and if you wish to know more about his career and his financial success, then you have come to the right place for it.

The Career Of Short But Talented Tony Cox

Tony was not always interested in acting and originally planned to study music. However, he lacked the talent to read music and gave up the pursuit. It is after he watched Billy Barty, a dwarf actor that he got the idea to pursue acting.

His decision to pursue acting turned out to be the right decision for him as it turned out that he had that talent for acting.

CAPTION: Tony and Jim Carrey
SOURCE: gettyimages

Tony's debut came with the movie Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype. He was more liked for his comedies and most movies that he has done are comedy movies. Some of his famous works in the movies include Bad Santa, Date Movie, and Disaster Movie.

Tony has also made an appearance in the movie named Me, Myself and Irene, also starring Jim Carrey. He has also played as an Ewok in George Lucas' hit franchise Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

CAPTION: Tony Cox On New York Premier of Bad Santa 2
SOURCE: gettyimages

Aside from doing movies, Tony has also made appearances in music videos such as Just Lose It by Eminem and From tha Chuuuch to da Palace by Snoop Dogg. Tony's last work was in the movie Bad Santa 2, the sequel to the movie Bad Santa.

He has not starred in any new movies in recent years, but we hope to see more of the funny man in the future.

Huge Net Worth Of The Little Man

As an actor, most of Tony's earnings have been through the works that he has done whether it be acting in movies, tv shows, music videos or commercials. He has not done any project in the recent years but has done plenty of works in the past.

His actual net worth at the moment is not known. But during 2016 when Bad Santa 2 was released, his net worth was $4 million.

Well, we hope Tony makes his comeback in the movies.