How much the 30 Years Vietnamese Model Elly Tran Earns from fer Profession. Details of Her Lifestyle

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Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Kim Hong or widely known as Elly Tran Ha is a 30-year-old Vietnamese model and actress who rose to fame after her Instagram photos sent seismic waves across the internet. Recipient of the Golden Kite Award, Elly serves as a model for many online photo studios and teen magazines.

With a colossal fanbase like hers, it can be easily speculated that she gets paid quite handsomely. So, can we hit the nail in the coffin and put a number on her net worth? Let's find out.

Elly Tran Ha's Success: Her Career and Stardom

Her career as a model took off with the help of social media. Her biggest social media account is her Facebook which has over 1 million likes. This is followed by her Instagram with 25.4K followers. Her Twitter has 20.5K followers. Her first set of photos caused an instant frenzy over the internet.

Elly also helped in a launch of the online game RAN Return. By the looks of it, She gets a lot of modeling gigs.

When it comes to acting, Elly has worked in movies like Ghost at School and the hip-hop movie Saigon Electricity. She has also played a role in the Romantic Comedy That Sounds Good. In the movie Saigon Electricity, she starred alongside Ha Hien, Van Trang, and Viet Max. In 2012, Tran won a Golden Kite Award for best TV actress.

Elly's Net Worth

As of today, her net worth and earning remain closed off from the media. Elly Tran Ha likes to keep, details regarding her finances, secret. This is not surprising as we don't even know about her husband's identity. Her net worth might not be less than six figures provided that she is still active in the movie and modeling industry.

Regardless of her net worth, we can all agree on one thing: She is one of the most beautiful girls we could ever have the fortune of meeting.