All About Gene Wilder's Daughter Katharine Wilder: Details on Her Career, & Net Worth

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Katherine Wilder is well recognized as the daughter of Mary Joan Schutz and adopted daughter of legendary actor Jerome Silberman, also known as Gene Wilder. There is no information about Katherine Wilder's biological father. Katherine Wilder was the only daughter of Mary Joan Schutz before everything changed for her and her daughter.

Gene Wilder was the first authoritative male figure in her daughter's life. Gene, as a father, became the first love of Katherine. Katherine Wilder is the only daughter of actor Gene Wilder. He never had any other child of his own. 

Life of "Under The Shadows" Star Gene Wilder

The legendary actor Gene Wilder, after his divorce from his first wife Mary Mercier, started dating Mary. The young Katherine then grew up under the supervision of his mother and her new beau Gene. Katherine eventually started calling Gene her 'Dad'.

With such a strong bond and an emotional relationship, Gene decided it was time to do 'the right thing' and marry his girlfriend Mary. Wilder also adopted Katherine after his marriage to her mother. The family had a loving and healthy relationship for 7 years before the couple separated.

CAPTION: Mary Joan Schutz and Gene Wilder

Unfortunately, at her parents' separation, heartbroken Katherine accused her father that he cheated on her mother with Young Frankenstein co-star Madeline Kahn.

Eventually, their father-daughter relationship went such a worse phase that Katherine cut-off all her ties with her Old man around the age of 23. 

Katherine Wilder's Income and Net Worth

She not only kept herself away from her father's life but from the media as well. She was a scorned woman and carried a bitter heart. She made sure that her information and whereabouts never made through to her father from the paparazzi. Thus, her status about her education, relationship, and career choice is not recorded anywhere.

Her salary from her career or her net worth is not known. Though it is speculated that the estranged daughter did receive a fair share from her wealthy father. Gene's fortune at the time of his demise (age 83) was estimated to be worth around $20 million.

CAPTION: Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka
SOURCE: The Independent

Apart from acting, Gene is also an author and has penned the novel named Kiss Me Like A Stranger.