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Home Gossip How Much is The American Journalist Ari Melber's Salary; His Career Achievement and Net Worth

How Much is The American Journalist Ari Melber's Salary; His Career Achievement and Net Worth

Kurt Mon Jul, 2018
How Much is The American Journalist Ari Melber's Salary; His Career Achievement and Net Worth

If you tune to MSNBC at 6 pm ET, you shall find yourself watching MSNBC's The Beat With Ari Melber, hosted by Ari Melber. He is an American journalist who has gained viewers counted in millions which have grown into the regular viewer basis of 1.4 million. Melber is also a recipient of Emmy Award in 2016.

Melber is a hard-hitting journalist whose style is liked by many in the states. We shall talk more about his career and his career achievement further down the article.

Ari Melber Career

Melber at the beginning of his career was a lawyer and was working for major New York firms where he gained knowledge regarding copyright litigation, first amendment and other professional topics. He has worked for Cornell Journal of Law and Public, Constitutional Rights and Cahill Gordon & Rindels.

His career as a journalist began when he started writing political columns for various news outlets like THe National, The Atlantic, Reuters, and Politico. Melber's work has been published in The Atlantic, Reuters, and Politico. He was a correspondent for The Nation at one point during which his writing was more focused on law, politics, organizing, civil rights, and technology issues.

CAPTION: Ari Melber at a Pasadena Convention SOURCE: Forbes

As Melber began writing for various news outlets his works caught the eyes of the MSNBC and he was asked to serve as a guest host for the network which eventually blossomed into being their chief Legal Correspondent in April 2015.

He has covered a variety of reporting for the channel, some of his famous coverage include the DOJ, FBI and the Supreme Court.

Melber has been a substitute host for many of the MSNBC shows such as the Rachel Maddow Show, All In With Chris Hayes and The Last Word with Lawrence O' Donnell.

He has hosted The Point and was the co-host of MSNBC's talk show The Cycle. He had begun gaining the attention of the viewers as well and it eventually led to him having his own show The Beat With Ari Melber which aired on July 24, 2017.



The Beat With Ari Melber is MSNBC's best rating show ever for that time slot, with the wide viewer base of 1.4 million. He is one of the talented journalists present out there and you can always count on his show to keep you up to date regarding the current affairs of the nation.

Achievement & Net Worth

Melber is one of the accomplished and reputed journalists of the nation which helped him accomplish more than most people hope of. In September 2016, he won an Emmy Award for his Supreme Court coverage of 2013 ruling legalizing gay marriage across the nation.

His achievement also includes him having his own show in the MSNBC as well. 

Melber's fame is widely reflected in his financial status. Melber makes in the neighborhood of $2 million annually and has an estimated net worth of $12 million.