How Much Is Obama's Daughter Sasha Obama's Net Worth? Details of Her Lifestyle & Properties

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Living like a princess in some exotic castle is often a fairy tale in fictions, but every person's childhood dream. Natasha Sasha Obama is a person who truly has lived a modern day fairy tale. The White House is a piece of real estate that many yearn for. Sasha Obama used to live there until recently.

Today, we are going to discuss Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's daughter Sasha Obama's net worth and lifestyle. Let's zoom on.

Sasha Obama's Net Worth

At the young age of 17, the fashionable daughter of America’s first black President has $450,000 as her estimated net worth which is pretty impressive for a person who isn’t legally qualified to vote yet.

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Sasha Obama drives a 2005 Chrysler 300 and it was reported that on her 16th birthday party she received a brand new car although she was not permitted to drive it without an adult present until recently when she turned 17 which is in accordance with the Washington law which requires that teens under 17 don’t drive a car without the presence of adult supervision.

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A rumor did rise allegedly claiming that Sasha Obama was involved in a car crash which was soon proven to be a piece of false news.

It was also reported that Sasha crashed a Bugatti Veyron. However, Sasha Obama drives a BMW.

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The Obama family has an extraordinary estate in the suburbs of Washington DC, which has an appraised value of around $8.1million. The villa bought in 2014 spreads in 8200 sq. ft. and has 9 bedrooms in it.

Sasha Obama's Lifestyle

Since the very first time Sasha appeared in the public, Sasha Obama has become the definition of perfect ‘American sweetheart,’ mostly because of her innocent and down to earth personality.

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Sasha is known as an exceptionally big role model among young people. Sasha Obama maintains a strong presence on social media with over 92.4 million followers on Instagram. Sasha Obama is considered one of the most famous teenagers alive.

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